Family Frolicking down on the Farm (with voucher link)

There are so many places around Yorkshire that the kids and I have been to and had the most wonderful days out and fun at, either just the 3 of us or with friends and cousins. I do feel a bit bad for Nath sometimes, never really having the opportunity to do all the fun things we do as he sits at his desk earning the dough so we can, but I am always grateful he works so hard and rarely complains, but enjoys looking at our pictures and hearing the kids stories. I however do sometimes often moan at him about the stresses of kids, housework, laundry, being tiered and anything else that gets my back up, but like other friends and family members whilst we do have a good whine, its only short lived because despite these annoyances we face you can’t argue that we have the better end of the deal – being a SAHM is actually pretty mint because our times is our own and we have adventure.

One place we’ve been a few times is Farmer Copley’s near Pontefract. We had an excellent visit (actually with Nath) last year for their pumpkin festival and again at Easter with their cousins. Its such a wonderful, well kept, happening farm. I love that there are so many adventures with each season and its always a lot of fun for all ages. We chose to visit all together again as a family this week as Nath had some annual leave and the kids had earned their 10 sticker quota each to qualify for a Strawberry Picking adventure. We also noticed on their Facebook page a £5 PP offer for all of the summer attractions (Hello bargain) and so it made sense to do it all and have a fun family day/afternoon out!
WP_20150721_12_49_10_Pro1. Strawberry Picking
InstagramCapture_06c3c67a-c450-49c7-beb7-be4027d2b271We started off the afternoon with the reason we were there -PYO Strawberries! I decided a few weeks ago that our house was becoming far too cluttered with tat and that the kids really didn’t need any more “stuff” in their lives. Instead I decided to put experiences and treats on their sticker charts so that they could work for various extra special activities or days out. The first target was 10 stickers each (took them about 12 days) for Strawberry Picking…I am so glad we made the change to this way, because crouched in a field with his little hood up picking fruit, Ethan turned to Nath and said “this is the best day ever Daddy, Thank you” – Gratitude, enjoyment, manners and having fun…not to mention fresh air, education and love of fruit! Mission accomplished!
WP_20150721_12_42_13_ProWP_20150721_12_45_47_ProMegs too loved it and couldn’t believe how many strawberries were there for the picking. She kept asking if the farmer was watching us…hmmmm maybe they didn’t all make it into to tub!?
WP_20150721_12_48_42_Pro WP_20150721_12_40_41_ProIt was a great time together, I am so glad we decided to do it this year and to attach to it the feelings of reward for the kids. It £7.50 for 3 tubs, which really is a reasonable price for a family activity for 4 which is edible too.
WP_20150721_12_58_21_ProWP_20150721_13_01_39_Pro2. The Corn Maze
Part of the Summer season at Farmer Copley’s includes a corn maze. Iv’e driven past it many times and also various others around Yorkshire but never actually gone in one. This was included in the wristband price we paid and was well worth it. We were given an A4 booklet with activities to do, a quiz and crayon rubbing’s…all to be found around the maze. Whilst we spent a good 45 mins in there we didn’t actually find them all as the kids saw the tractor ride and became restless,
WP_20150721_13_40_37_Pro WP_20150721_13_45_14_ProI was amazed how occupied they were though and how much they loved the adventure of it and how informative the little posts were. I am deffs looking forward to going later in the summer when its a bit taller and more of a challenge!
WP_20150721_13_45_23_Pro3. Tractor Ride
We never miss an opportunity for a ride in the Tractor carriages when we go to Farmer Copley’s and it was set up this time around part of the corn maze. Again included in the wrist band price and always so much fun for kids and adults. Megs was so content sat there, bumping along though the corn. It was lovely.
WP_20150721_14_08_01_Pro4. Jumping Pillow
Another family fave and the location of hours of fun and laughter. It seemed like 2 mins since I was last stood by it chatting with my sister in law watching the kids play, only this time with my £5 wrist band I didn’t stand by and watched..I got stuck in there, and it was mint. I love to be fun, silly mummy, carefree and laughing and all that came out as the kids and I went nuts on the ‘bouncy pillow’ as they like to call it.
FullSizeRender (6)5. Inflatable slide
Initially shut due to winds but luckily opened before we left. It always shows me how fearless the kids are and they spent a while going up and down it, laughing out loud!

6. Hay Stacks, Go carts and Digging
As well as everything else there were several games, mini mazes, go kart track, Sandpit and haystacks to climb. Ethan tackled them no problem and was amazed by the brilliant toys and digger machinery available in the sand pit…he was living the dream!
WP_20150721_14_29_22_Pro WP_20150721_14_13_20_ProWe almost didn’t end up going because of the showers in the morning and the general overcast and dark clouds of the day. It briefly  made me think and reflect on life these last few months and how I have made a concious effort to not let the doom and gloom stop us from having fun even though we have had our own fair share of storm clouds over head. We usually, like we did Tuesday just go for it and hope for the best and we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome this time because other than a few spots of rain the weather was mild and dry and we had a blast together.

I love it when we can have carefree adventure days together with lots of laughs and smiles despite the overcast and I love it when Nath is able to come along for the ride too – Though I sometimes wonder if he fully realises how “free spirited” his kids are until moments like this!
WP_20150721_14_11_10_ProPs – Check out the farmers FB page for a voucher for £5 pp fun which is valid til the end of Aug and have your own adventures and frolics down on the farm! 


  1. July 24, 2015 / 2:52 am

    Love these photos. I was just looking today to see when the strawberry patches open. We live in Florida so we still have a couple of months. What a perfect family fun day.

    • July 24, 2015 / 8:33 am

      Thank you it was. MMMM florida, sounds lovely! You should go if you have the chance to, it was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. x

  2. Angela Milnes
    July 24, 2015 / 10:05 pm

    This is the second time I read your post! I love the pictures of you jumping and looking really happy having fun! One day, i’m going to be well enough to go trampolining with Sylvia! Ha hA!

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