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Having a small tribe of kids like we do can at times prove hard to keep them all entertained – especially in school holidays and all at the same time. We have a variety of ages to cater for and, at times it can be tough to not only find things that keep all 3 of them busy (all day hopefully), but also new experiences that help each of them develop in their own ways too without being boring for the others. Thanks to Fantastic For Families – a website and social scene by the Family Arts Campaign, dedicated to increasing levels of arts engagement for families – We have been able to discover places and events around Yorkshire that incorporate the arts and help children of all ages have an enriching and fantastic day.

Fantastic For Families is a really insightful site for any family looking for events that will engage family members (of all ages) to get involved with the arts and have cultural experiences. The site is mega easy to use; simply click the “find events” tab at the top and unlock a host of local arts and cultural offerings in your area! Their upcoming events and news sections also highlights the amazing things happening around the country connected to the Arts! You can have confidence that the venues and events listed on the Fantastic For Families website results can be trusted as they adhere to the Family Arts Standards.

We were thrilled to discover that here in Yorkshire, Eureka had a big summer festival in addition to their usual exhibits and, a new “Digital Dimensions” exhibit too – plenty to fill a day with for 3 wild ones, and so off we went for a fun packed time together! 

Eureka! – It’s Fantastic for Families

Yesterday we took the opportunity to head over to Halifax in West Yorkshire to have a fun play day out at Eureka! And, believe you me – it’s flipping fantastic for families! I don’t know why we haven’t been sooner. We began the day with some of their “Active adventures” they have running each Monday through the Summer as part of their big summer festival (including Archery and Mountain Biking – check out other themes throughout the week) which was so great. All three of them got involved with the mountain biking and I was impressed they catered for tots up to teens with this. Archey of course was 5+ but Ethan and Megan enjoyed this whilst Alice watched in awe!

From there we explored the marvellous “living and working together” Gallery, which offers children the opportunity to explore a child-sized town square complete with shops and fountain, and learn about the world of work. This was seriously one of the most wonderful things I have experienced with my children in a museum. We are a family that is big on imaginative play, and this took their games and play to a whole new level offering them dress up and scenery to play together. I honestly think if that small quarter was the only part of the museum, it would have filled a day for all 3 of them and being worth it!

From there we reluctantly had lunch (we just took a pack up – plenty of places to eat it) and then in the afternoon we had fun exploring the New Digital Dimensions exhibit (see blow), mixing music in the sound gallery and a whole lot of fun in the “All about Me” Gallery, where we played dentists, Drs, did various challenges and learnt in depth about the body in a fun and creative way. Ethan was especially fascinated by the image of the World’s tallest Man and his shoes (he LOVES his facts!) and all three of them were engaged for ages with the talking robot! This was another great area that caters for all ages and gives them a hands on learning experience and play opportunities.

The NEW Digital Dimensions 

The new digital dimensions exhibit at Eureka mixes vibrant visual effects and stunning sounds to create an immersive exhibition for children to explore and enjoy. We entered the new digital dimensions exhibit via a colourful tunnel of motion-capture screens which Alice loved. It was so unique and interesting for the kids as we made funny movements to see what would happen on the screens. From there the kids grabbed the light tubes and ran around whacking them as they attempted to crack the code and find which one illuminated them all.

The rest of the exhibit offers more touch-triggered games, and crack the code to reveal different digital effects. It is really clever!

“Play is our Brain’s favourite way of learning” and Eureka is most certainly one of the best museums I have been to to encourage children to explore and play! I am passionate about imaginative play with kids and yesterday certainly had ample opportunities for them to develop this skill.

Fantastic For Families is such a brilliant source to providing info on such valuable childhood and family experiences as their focus is on theatre performances, museums, film screenings, and events at multi-purpose arts centres around England and Wales. Wherever you are, and whatever your age, follow and check out Fantastic for families to discover some fantastic family days out and experiences near you. They are aimed at family members across all generations to be able to engage and enjoy art and cultural events together – how wonderful is that? The kids certainly loved this museum – so much that even lunch couldn’t even tempt them away!

*This post is in collaboration with Fantastic for Families. We are working with them to promote this wonderful arts and cultural tool and received a complimentary visit to Eureka for the purpose of this! All thoughts and images are my own. 

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