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I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Ebay and so its been a while since I properly shopped on there. I do love all of the bargains there are to have, but I hate waiting up to a week for them to become available and then forgetting to bid, or having to pay ridiculous postage that sellers add to make a few extra quid! But sometimes I have to just get over that because I love Zara and have recently discovered that there are some amazing Zara bargs (as there are other top end high street labels) to be had on Ebay!

If I could shop anywhere, and money wasn’t an issue, it most definitely would be Zara. I love H&M for us all and it is affordable, but Zara to me is obviously a little more unique and quality. Their jeans fit me the best and their clothes are all beautiful. Sometimes I just go in to have a look and admire it all, other times (mainly sale) I go in to buy. Either way I am rarely disappointed I love that at in my early 30’s I finally know what I love and have found a shop where I can rely on jean sizing for my body shape.

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With that said, I have been in need of some black skinny jeans since having Alice. As Autumn was quickly approaching I knew I couldn’t live with out them..they are a must with everything and boots! I contemplated buying some cheapo ones from Primarni, but really what is the point when they stretch out and in a few months would be no good? I am almost 32 and I need to remember its time to buy quality and dress better. I hit our local shopping centre (the white Rose in Leeds) and saw some in Zara that I loved, but being thrifty I wondered if I could save some money on the £22 price tag (which I laugh at because its not even a lot)! I went on Ebay and found the same ones – new without tags, my size for a tenner… HAPPY DAYS… they are just as good as I imagined; thick quality fabric, good fit and lovely with all of my jumpers, blouses and shirts.


Next up I wanted a wool coat for Autumn..I just think they look cool and cosy and its something I have never had as they can also be pricey and during Naths student years I made do with just one coat, and then realised that I always miss the sales on this one and so whilst the idea was fresh in my head I decided to check ebay BEFORE the shops. I found the perfect one that was totally me – bold pattern and a little funky. I absolutely love it and thankfully had the satisfaction of winning it too for just £9.50! It is of course from Zara too and I just feel happy in it.

I guess my advice this week is if you love Zara, Topshop etc then check ebay 1st. You will have to wait perhaps a week or so longer but the savings feel amazing and you can look just as good for less than half the price.



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  1. Hannah Flinn
    October 19, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    Love the geometric jacket! Well done !

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