Pros & Cons of Renting your Wedding Dress

We are on the verge of wedding season, and if you’re planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects will certainly be deciding on the style of your wedding dress. After all, everyone wants to look good on their special day right? For many people, it’s an opportunity to dress up and have the spotlight focus on you as you celebrate this special day with loved ones.

In days gone by, brides would make their own dress. However, then the fashion of buying one came in and now, while we have a mix of both making your own and buying that special dress you’ve seen, plenty of brides are also now opting to rent instead; whether that’s for cost reasons, storage or sustainability concerns. Each option comes with its pros and cons, and here are just a few of them for you to consider as you think about your wedding dress.


Pro – get what you want

If you’ve got a specific wedding dress in mind and want it customised to meet your requirements, this is where buying a dress gives you much more flexibility than renting one. Many brides argue that their wedding day is the most important day of their life, so they deserve to wear a dress that is special and unique to them.

As well as having much more choice over styles and designs when buying a dress rather than renting one, a bought dress can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit (as can one you make your own). More choice also means the dress can be matched to coordinate other aspects of the wedding, down to the very smallest of details such as the style and design of jewellery, including the wedding and engagement ring.

Con – cleaning

With the average UK wedding costing almost £32,000, most newlyweds won’t want to start married life with a whole load of extra expenses. If you purchase a wedding dress, getting it cleaned will be one such expense you’ll need to incur, so that the dress can be stored away in the best condition possible for years to come. If you rent the dress instead, aftercare will be included as part of the price.

Con – storage

A bought wedding dress will need to be safely and carefully stored after the big day. This means you’ll need to purchase an appropriate storage box and find a place for it where it won’t succumb to any damage over the years. Most brides end up storing their dress in the attic, never to be seen again, which can make renting one a more appealing option.


Pro – affordable

There’s no getting away from it – wedding dresses are pricey. In fact, according to Hitched, the average bride spends a whopping £1,313 on her wedding dress.

When you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget, the dress alone can significantly eat into the costs. This is what makes renting the dress such a good idea, as the costs will be significantly cheaper than buying the dress outright.

Also, if you can’t afford to buy a designer wedding dress, but have your heart set on one, renting one allows you to make this a reality, without blowing a massive hole in your bank balance.

Con – can’t keep the dress

Many brides want to keep their wedding dress for sentimental reasons, so they can look back at it in years to come, and remember their special day. They may also wish to pass the dress on to future generations. If you rent a dress, this isn’t an option, so think about how you’ll feel once you hand the dress back to the rental shop.

Con – responsibility concerns

When you choose to hire a wedding dress, you still need to be responsible for its care, which means that you may not be able to fully relax on the big day in case anything happens to the dress, such as a spillage or a snag. You may need to take out extra insurance to cover for damage to the hired dress too. This is something you need to consider as you look to rent a wedding dress. 

Whether you choose to rent a dress, buy a dress or make your own, just ensure it is in the style and look you want and affordable to you. And remember – whatever option you choose, you will look amazing and have the best day!

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