Our Family – September 2016

Today I feel tired. Happy of course, but very tired. I guess it has somewhat to do with a poorly little baby that spent most of last night wanting snuggles after throwing up quite a bit, and a lot to do with what felt like an extremely long month known as September! Right now though we have come away for a little rest and family time at Grandma’s, doing very little but catching up with some other members of the fam, eating nice food and snuggling indoors watching something we know and love as “Conference“! Its kind of a big deal in our church where we can watch a live broadcast of talks from the leaders of our church and beautiful singing from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Conference weekend is always an exciting one where everything just feels uplifting, chilled and lovely, and on this occasion it comes after a long hard month.


September of course saw all of the anniversaries connected to loosing Poppy and so several days were emotional and harder than the average, I have accepted that that’s the way life is now from time to time, and so on the harder days of last month I enjoyed just hibernating in doors with Alice watching “Married at first sight” and “Stage School”. Both programmes that take little concentration but are interesting and entertaining. We then of course had all the back to school excitement and now with a few weeks of school under our belts and a routine that is mostly working, we are getting back into the flow of term time life and school runs. We of course have had and will continue to have the odd morning where it is just complete craziness and a mad dash out of the door to school, but right now it all feels rather manageable and nice and I enjoy having time to get on top of the housework and laundry, see friends, do some shopping and generally relax and enjoy some one to one time with little Alice!


I didn’t particularly enjoy September but I am grateful for those I get to spend my time with because despite the hard days we have had and the days where I have felt like I haven’t stopped from one school run to the next, life is ticking along nicely. And as you can see from these cheeky pics that I have a pair of silly kippers; 2 fun loving kids that I spend a lot of time with, and its these 2 little nuts with their funny ways, their kindness and thoughtfulness that have helped me through a painful period. I want to look back on September and remember Ethan putting candles in his doughnut to sing to poppy, our time spent at her grave together as a family, all the fun we have had at the park after school with those extra sunny days and also the fun we have watching movies together every Wednesday night after their street dance class. I want to remember that we finally cleared our garden of rubbish, painted the kitchen and on a day to day basis we have fun chatting about the world on our walks to and from school and that they never seem to have enough snacks when we return home. But most importantly I want to remember that it was done together… and now we will enjoy this weekend together reflecting on all that is important to us and looking forward to October with Ethan’s 6th birthday, Alice’s Blessing day and our 7 year wedding anniversary – I can’t wait!


PS – How big is Alice getting please??? The little goose is melting my heart!

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. October 6, 2016 / 12:48 pm

    What a beautiful family you have. I always wondered what a third baby would bring to our family. Just seeing these makes me so broody. Lovely family captures hun #meandmineproject

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