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It wasn’t until yesterday morning, that I woke up and finally felt some excitement about the Royal wedding. Being a suits fan, and a partial royalist, I realised that I couldn’t wait to see who was there (thanks Meghan you didn’t let us down by inviting the whole cast), and generally to see all of the British traditions that come with an historical event such as that of a royal wedding!! The preacher from America made my day, as did the whole beauty of the event itself and their love. I felt incredibly proud to be British on a day like yesterday!

After a week of what I can only describe as a major struggle, the joy that filled my heart watching the Royal wedding, and having a tea party following it in grandma’s garden, was a welcomed break. It certainly rounded this week off wonderfully, and I am so glad we made the effort and I am feeling more like me again!

Grateful for 

Being grateful this week has been hard for me to do. Rather I have been in a place where everything feels wrong in my world and things feel like they don’t ever go right – consequently gratitude isn’t particularly something I have focused on, felt or practiced.

Looking back now though with more clarity, I would say I am grateful that we live closer to the coast for the days when I need the beach. I am grateful for Nath’s words of affirmation when I need them the most, and I am grateful for the sunshine we have had this week, and the tea party grandma threw for us yesterday… all were nuggets of joy!

Succeeded at 

On Monday I finally dug the large paddling pool out that Alice was bought for her birthday…last July! As she hasn’t really been big enough/able enough to use it, we decided to store it in the garage until this Summer! With a week of lovely weather forecasted, I thought it might be nice to get it blown up and filled for them all to play in!

So there we are – I successfully blew up by mouth (and almost passing out) a giant paddling pool for my kids, and then with the help of Ethan filled it up – With pans of water no less! – It’s safe to say we’ve seen a need for a hose in our lives!

It was lovely to see the fruits of my labours and how good success felt.

Found beauty in 

I found beauty in Grandma’s garden yesterday – basking in the sun whilst nibbling sandwiches and strawberries, and looking over the freshly mowed lawn, was both relaxing and joyful. It was lovely to see plants flourishing, and the kids swinging on the seat with her (and splashing in the hot tub with her too later on). What a prefect and very chilled Saturday!

This week I also found beauty in the waves of the sea and the lighthouse. When life is hard, take me to the beach… it is joy to my soul and seems to whisk away many a worry.

I don’t know what this week holds but I sure hope it’s more positive than last. Next weekend the kids are having a cousins sleep over at grandmas, and so we are hoping to spend it doing some decorating…. I can’t wait to finally spruce our home and finish a few odd jobs!

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