Frugal Friday #13 – Baby Girl Clothing Haul & A High Chair at last!

Ugh this week was rough! Feeling Bleugh, bad news and snow showers? (What the!)…I am pretty pleased to be saying goodbye to it and hello to a bonus bank holiday weekend that I completely forgot about. I am so very much looking forward to a long weekend with the fam.

One of my favourite pics from this week was taken by Nathan when I was well and truly in thrifting mode. It makes me laugh every time I see it and sums up the highlight of the week – A new highchair for Alice.

High Chair

Just like our recent cot purchase, the highchair has been way over due! The main reason with this one though is purely down to the fact that I have wanted for so long a lovely wooden high chair this time round as oppose to the Ikea one (HA). I had found the perfect one on Gumtree for just £15 and went to pick it up, only to find that the address was wrong, I had left my phone at home and my 3 kids in the back were going nuts!

It wasn’t pretty and I was gutted about the whole thing.

Fast forward to this week and my trusty Shpock app showed me a white Ikea one up the road for only £5. Yes! Barg!

I had the red one with Ethan and Megan, and they’re really good – simple, easy to store and clean, and just generally do the job. After the stress of the wooden one, and it being the ultimate bargain, I just decided to go for it, and all the kids (especially Alice) have loved having it. They push her around like a ride, enjoy having her sat next to us at dinner/breakfast, she is more chilled, and its been way more convenient for getting things done and keeping baby happy! (Win Win).

It looks good, was only 5 quid, was picked up locally (3miles away) – such a fabulous barg!

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

If you haven’t already seen my Vlog on this then I will attach it to the bottom of this post so that you can. But basically a spontaneous trip to Matalan on Monday turned into me hitting the sale jackpot both there and in Sainsbury’s, and therefore gaining a new wardrobe for Alice. It should have been £71 for it all and I only spent £28!!

I love stuff like that, when its all so random and yet so fruitful!

Enjoy your bank holiday and keep an eye out for those car boots on Monday!



  1. July 21, 2017 / 5:53 am

    Good bargains. Well done. High chair looks sturdy – simple but practical. Doesn’t always need to be fancy to do the job : )

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