Farewell January

I stayed at my sisters last night with the kids, which is always good for a bit of banter and cousinly play time and adventures. She, like a lot of my family reside on the Yorkshire coast, and whilst I don’t think I would ever live back in this area, I do always love to come back and smell the sea air and take in its beauties. I love the chilled pace of life compared to the city and often feel quite relaxed driving around and exploring with the kids.
I was awoken this morning not just by the usual sound of chattering kiddies (even more excited to have slept over at their cousins), but chattering sea gulls too. It took me back to my teenage years when I tried so hard to lie in on a Saturday but rarely accomplished it with them squawking outside my window!

As I lay half concious gazing at the ever lightening morning sky and listening to those pesky seagulls, I dreamed of summer days and long walks on the beach. I remembered the joys of stepping outside into the warm yet crisp air of the coast and seeing the joy on the kids faces as they are let loose on the beach and splash like nutters in the rock pools all day long…I could almost smell the chips and ice creams and for the 1st time in several weeks I felt chilled out and excited for something.
This year I look forward to summer more than ever as it brings us a new baby and the end of 4 years at uni for Nath. I am excited for that stress to be lifted and for us to have more joy and more long chilled days. I am excited for a chapter in life with a new dynamic and a season of day trips, family and holidays.

I don’t know how legit “January blues” are, but I have certainly felt the weight of this month for so many reasons. I am gutted that because of feeling absolutely rubbish and drained of energy that we have done hardly anything; no daily adventures, not many family fun filled days and really its just been one of those months of survival and existence, which is far from how I like life to be but its also just one of those things that could not be avoided, we just had to cope as best as we could. It has been a hard month physically with the relentless headaches, nausea and sickness of the 1st trimester and its been a stressful month with mounting assignments for Mr Smith and seemingly never enough time with so many things to get done all that we want to. And because of the previous 2 reasons and me barely able to leave my bed some days, it has been a month of living in a complete dump!

I am glad to close the book on it and with that the 1st trimester also and welcome a new month with Valentines, pancakes and the 2nd Trimester. Yes, I think I can safely say that I am a little excited that January is coming to a close. I welcome February with open arms, and hope that as we get one step closer to those dreamy summers, a degree completion, and new baby, we can also enjoy a new month with more balance, a healthy mummy and a cleaner more organized living space. Farewell January I shan’t be missing you!

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