Bye Bye Baby Bulge Week 7

Week 7 = 163lb
Here I am another pound down! WHOOP WHOOP! Its not quite the 2.5lbs a week I originally anticipated, I’m just scraping a lb each week which is good (I guess) My fave black and white stripey shirt now fits which is mint… No gaping buttons here (thankfully). This week I was really good, I even got myself ill, couldn’t eat and with a sneaky mid week weigh in I found id lost a whopping 2lbs…well a whole pizza later on date night when my appetite returned and a not so sneaky brownie on sunday put me up a pound… Im happy I’ve still lost though, when I look at the bigger picture it means ive lost 4lb in 6 weeks, if I continue thats half a stone by Christmas…
I know now at this point there is no way I am going to be 140 by Christmas hahahahaha what the heck was I thinking, Im laughing my head off that I thought id loose weight healthily that ruddy quick…Im not even out of the 60’s zone hahahah oh when its a “5” in the middle and not a six…oooooooooo happy days….but with my added exercise taking inches off im well on my way into a fab routine and good eating habits to not only maintain the loss but keep it going into the new year.

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