Bye Bye Baby Bulge Week 6

For a while I have wondered if grief can influence your ability to loose weight? I wondered if I was setting myself up for failure before even giving it a go! No not because I eat my feelings, though I do but I wondered if there were hormonal reasons too??
well after some research I found my suspicions to be true!! YES there is scientific evidence that says when we are stressed our body releases a hormone called cortisol which encourages out bodies to hold onto fat…WHHHAAAAATTTTTT (Im hoping at this point im not the only one in the world that never knew this)! It would explain why my weight loss seems to be at a snails pace and each week seems to set me not much closer to my goal despite the hard work. GEEEZZZ!!

For example this weeks weigh in – 164lb = 1lb lost – not amazing but not a gain! BOOOOOOMMMMM!

I did an excellent job at refraining from sugar this week – well until a completely rubbish beginning to the weekend and difficult and what seemed to be a VERY long Monday with the kids leading to eating more treats than planned and having it run into the “no sugar zone” – what can I say im a rebel!! But seriously the Ben and Jerrys did help and the revelation of hormonal effects of being under stress has made me ease up on myself! Im hoping for a less stressful week and more tightened sugar regulations!



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