Bye Bye Baby Bulge week 3

Since when did I become the bright red, unfit, wobbly mother I used to laugh at as a Teenager? Karma is bad!!!

Last Wednesday I dusted off my trainers (literally they’ve been under the bed for a yr) and hit a ‘Box fit’ class with my friend! OH.MY.GOODNESS I thought I might ACTUALLY collapse! I am embarrassed to say I haven’t properly exercised in well over a year and it definitely showed. I couldn’t even do a flipping sit up! I just kept laughing my head off whilst having a sweat fest – who knows what the instructor was thinking! I ached for days after but it was totally worth it and I am feeling motivated with my new “fitness and swim” membership, and so I should with less treats this week and upping the work out I am pleased to announce I have lost 1.5lbs hahaha well its still a loss isn’t it so can’t complain!

My plan is box fit, pilates and a swim once a week MINIMUM! Skinny jeans here I come…although Saturday I turn 30 so who knows how many treats i’ll be chowing down on!

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