Bye Bye Baby Bulge Week 10

This past week we have had the hubsters b’day “weekend” which involved a trip to the German market for a German sausage: a yearly tradition, cake and Chocolate! It was also one of my very very good friends b’days too – hello eating out! I was successful in choosing the wiser meal options but lets be honest you cant say no to someone’s birthday cake now can you …that would just be rude!

IMG_0259In hindsight I should have ended for the Christmas period last week! Actually if were talking about “hindsight” I should have never have started this so soon after Poppy passing as its been SO SO hard overall to eat strictly and plan ahead meals and snacks. On the plus side, despite it being really tough I have seen progress; Just this Saturday I wore my primarni size 10 red skinnys – yes they were on the snug side but I could finally fit them over my butt and zip them up – SCORE! I also wore my black skinny trousers Saturday evening that Ive not been able to get over my hips …until now. EYYYEEAAAHHH!!!! In 2 weeks iv’e only lost another half LB so im basically hovering around 161 pfffffftttttttttttt SO annoying! I still have a fair way to go because I want some of my clothes to actually fit again and others to fit A LOT more comfortably and wear more fitted tops without a sneaky bulge!  I am a little sad that I am not really any closer to my 140lb goal, I think that its going to be a longer path than I anticipated with all that’s going on in my life. I know that my bod has the potential to be that weight and still look healthy and lean but next year I thinks it best to chill out about loosing the baby weight and just keep doing what I am doing…one thing I am pleased about is that I don’t look pregnant and that I am loosing inches from my thighs, near my upper arms and around my collar bones, ive very little muffin tops now too. The exercise classes and weights are certainly paying off!

I have decided to relax over Christmas, enjoy chocolate, food and general treats that come with the season. Its hard enough at this time of year for me without me feeling like I’m missing out on festive treats too.

So what has the last 10 weeks taught me?

  • Weekly weigh ins are stressful – Getting on the scale so regularly without little change makes you feel naff and also causes you to be a little obsessive about LBs, its deffs not a healthy way to live and the added stress of always thinking about it surely makes it harder to shed them.
  • Clean Eating needs to be for a longer period – I can see now why when you fully pledge to eat clean that you need to be strict enough to only eat ONE treat a week not lots over a weekend, I thought it would be an easier way to cope with my emotional eating and also less intense but honestly the hard work throughout mon – fri is undone on a weekend. I need to pick a month when im in the right frame of mind and cut out gluten and sugar for the whole of it if I want to see progress!
  • Trying to loose weight whilst grieving is virtually impossible – Scientifically it is and emotionally it is, sometimes the only answer is cake (or chocolate) and with how much pain I feel sometimes its hard not to have some to make me feel better. With everything im going through I shouldn’t feel guilt for that (though I do) as it keeps me sane!
  • Exercise makes all the difference – Its been forever since I had a regular exercise programme like I do now and I love it! I love how relaxed it makes me feel, how toned up I am getting again and how it balances out the weeks I submit to the treats.I will continue to write about my post pregnancy weight loss journey until I reach my goal, only it will be on a monthly as oppose weekly basis.. I hope that by not focusing so much on it I will be pleasantly surprised as the months go by – fingers crossed we will see bigger and better results!
    Now lets sack off worrying about our figures and have a joyful and delicious Christmas – your gorgeous and a few chocolates or mince pies aren’t going to really affect that now are they?!


  1. January 11, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    Well done on your weight loss so far, I’ve lost just under 4 stone in the last 2 and a half years but I know how hard it can be but if you just stay focused on a healthier you then you will get there! Well done again and keep working hard 🙂 x

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