Bye Bye Baby Bulge – week 1

So when I gave birth I was 180lbs, the week after with shock and funeral planning and of course birth its self I dropped down to 168! GET IN! It then dawned on me that I could quite easily, from that point, get to about 140 by Christmas, after all that is only 2.5lbs a week! Its definitely fluctuated over the last 3 weeks, lost a lb gained 3 –  not having the desire to cook and ordering in or giant cookies and milk before bed and several choc bars are not the way forward to shedding weight.. but a fresh start and some accountability here at week 1 of my official weigh in I am pleased to say I am 167

WOW super pleased! Its been a rough week emotionally and when I ate a very large chunk of the 400g bar of Galaxy (at least half) and choc cake at E’s party, not to mention the Indian sat I honestly expected to see a larger number than that! I have been making more effort to do cleaner lunches and dinners to try and balance out my emotional eating of every treat going. I still darent try on my skinnys.. i might save that one for next week!

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