What we hope to do in the Cotswolds

For the last few years I have mentioned to Nathan on numerous occasions that I would really love to take a trip to the picturesque Cotswold’s. With dreams specifically of visiting towns like Bath again (which I haven’t been to since I was a teen) and soaking up it’s quaint English vibes, I have been looking for an opportunity where we could go explore this part of England. As it’s about 3.5 hour drive from Yorkshire, Nath has been reluctant to go for a weekend, but then eager to book it when we saw an opportunity for a week away in the Summer as a family.

And so, a couple of months ago we booked our first trip of the year for the Summer and will be spending a week in the Cotswolds. It is an area neither of us have really been to and so look forward to discovering it together and embracing both the outdoors and its rich history.

Here are the main things we hope to do in The Cotswold’s this Summer:


Where we are staying, Cirencester is the nearest town. After hearing about it on an antiques programme (which I never ever watch usually), I discovered that it is rich in Roman history and artefacts. I was instantly excited to check it out (especially as it will be on our doorstep) and look forward to wandering round it’s quaint streets, seeing the remains of the amphitheatre and taking the kids to the Corinium museum of Roman History. The amphitheatre is an English Heritage site and also free entry, so a great budget friendly activity.

I think we might also have to go on one of the days they have a market – you know, for extra excitement!

Visit Bath

Obviously I have mentioned that this is one of the main pulls for me to go to the Cotswold’s initially. I haven’t been to Bath since I was a teen and don’t think I quite appreciated it at that age. I want to go and really emerge myself in it and appreciate its vast History and see the sites. The kids too are exited to go having studied the Romans during lock down and whilst there, we are all hoping to experience the Roman Baths too.

County park/Water Sports

As well as plenty of historical sites (which we all love) the area of the Cotswold’s we are staying in also has a lot of lakes and water ways. We are hoping to do lots of walks, as well swimming and playing around them. We would love for the kids (and us) to participate in both the water sports on offer and hi ropes.

There is one country park about 15 minutes away with a lakeside beach that we are excited to spend some time at – playing, chilling and having fun outdoors.


The best way to appreciate the chocolate box country side views (and find hidden stories) like those on offer in the Cotswold’s, is definitely by doing some hiking/walking. We hope to do at least a couple of countryside/lakeside walks whilst on holiday (from where we are staying); both to enjoy the nature in this area and also for a fun family adventure. And then maybe travel a little ways to explore other areas of interest too.

About half an hour away in Nympsfield, the National Trust has a great trail to discover Woodcester Park boathouse – something like this will be really enchanting, manageable for the kids and also cool if it’s hot weather.

I couldn’t be happier to have a holiday on the horizon. We haven’t been away since October half term when we had a spontaneous trip up to Northumberland for the night. Prior to that, I think it was Amsterdam on the ferry  before covid stuff happened. So yes, we are pretty excited and looking forward to exploring the picturesque and charming Cotswold’s together as a family! Let’s hope the sun shines a plenty and we can do plenty of wild swimming, outdoorsey stuff and see the sites!

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