Contentment and Cornwall

I don’t know whether it’s his age or what but recently Ethan just NEVER seems to be content with things and its driving me NUTS! Get him his red tshirt out, he wanted to wear the blue one. Get him a chocolate ice cream and he wanted strawberry. He wants the car that someone else has or the book that Megan is reading, he didn’t want to go in our car, he wanted to go in Grandma’s car, he didn’t want that seat he wanted the other one…i’m sure you get the idea! The most annoying thing is its said in an annoying whine and usually what I have given him is the one HE chose but then he never seems satisfied with that choice. Like I said ITS.DOING.MY.HEAD.IN!!!!

With going through this with him over the last few weeks and trying my best to remain calm and teach him to be happy (content) with what he has and stop always wanting more/something else, I cant help but analyse how content I am with my own life and choices. With this whole journey with Poppy I have seen the times when I worry the most about the future are the times when I am not 100% content or satisfied with what it is that is happening or what we are choosing. Right now though I can honestly say I feel peace and contentment with our plans and with our trust in God and that is a good feeling.

Today I sat overlooking the harbour of ‘Padstow’ – a small seaside town in Cornwall.
We came here (to Cornwall) on Saturday for a family holiday with almost all of Nathans fam, our attendance at which has been very up in the air since Poppy’s diagnosis; would I be induced this week? would it be a good idea to travel that far being so far along ? what if I go into labour? Can we handle the stress of travelling that far with 2 young kids with all we are dealing with? etc etc Well the kids were FAB at travelling down and we made it in excellent time (thanks to my speedy driving on the last stretch) and at the end of the day you cannot drift between choices – Do what feels right and be happy with it. If not learn from it! So we decided why not… Yes I may go into labour BUT were in the UK and the hospitals will be pretty much the same, OR I might not and we would have missed out on a much needed break and lots of family fun. We are VERY glad we chose to come, were only a couple of days in but its been FANTASTIC and we have had so many laughs. The Kids LOVE seeing so much of their cousins and having adventures. What a beautiful place to be in and how content we are with our decision! And if Poppy wants to come join us (that’s not an invitation by the way) we will have no regrets, we are living in the moment right now and enjoying it all together. Everyone needs fun and adventure, everyone needs a laugh and everyone just needs to be content with life and the blessings we have rather than wishing for more, something different or wondering “what if”!

Here is the look of contentment in Cornwall:
WP_004646 WP_004631 WP_004653 WP_004662

WP_004651 WP_004655

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