A week of Appointments

If i’m being honest I would say I was NOT looking forward to this week at all. It was Jam packed with hospital visits to various departments. This is how my week looked:

  • MONDAY AM – GTT (Again, id already had it at 18weeks) Dewsbury Hospital
  • MONDAY PM -MRI , ST James’ Hospital (looking for CDH)
  • WEDS AM – Cardiac scan, LGI
  • THURS AM – 28 week check with midwife

I find it hard to ask for help and with Nathan working now for the summer since Uni ended there was no way I could handle Ethan and Megan at hospital with all of this. Not only that but every time I go to hospital it is reminder of whats ahead and the problems our baby has.

Monday actually went SO smoothly, 2 friends from church took the kids and said how brill they were (are these the same kids?) and being at hospital didn’t leave me feeling naff either..Score!

Cousins at the farm
Cousins at the farm

We had a wonderful day out on Tuesday to Swithens Farm in Rothwell. I love it because its free, a bit rough around the edges and a chilled place to be. What was great about this visit was that Nathans mum and sisters came with their kids too. We get on fantastically and I love being with them all, it was great to see the kids playing and exploring (and at times fighting). I love the joy on Ethan and Megans faces as they are around their cousins!
The outing really took my mind off the impending MRI results and visit weds to fetal cardiology.

Yesterday we received a tiny piece of good news..her left ventricle is slowly growing..HOORAY! What this means is there is still hope of a double ventricle repair and less surgeries. Hope is a wonderful thing.

As Naths Parents had come across to help with the kids we made the most of the day and went to Crows nest park in Dewsbury (a diamond in the rough) its a fab park and the kids loved it. Mother Smith and I even got a couple of poppy pods to seed the gardens later in the year.

All in all a week I was dreading has turned out to have been fun and adventures. Thank goodness for friends and fam!

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