What To Do If You Can’t Afford To Pay Your Energy Bills

Living a life of frugality is not always easy. However, when it comes to covering the costs of the essentials, such measures are at times necessary. Unfortunately, analysts are predicting that energy bills will rise by 30% in 2022, and many households are now facing the prospect of being unable to afford their gas, electricity, and water. As sad (and crazy) as it is, heating is typically the first acceptable loss here, but these conditions will rightly be unacceptable as winter edges nearer and temperatures drop to sub zero.

Regardless of what else is going on in your life, you need to be able to pay your energy bills and you need to be comfortable at home. But, if you think you’ll struggle to find the money to do so as prices rise, read on for some useful tips that might possibly help you balance it all. 

Research Grants and Benefits

While the government seem largely responsible and/or useless during this energy crisis, some measures of help are still available, so browse all the resources you have available to you.

Both the government and energy suppliers provide benefits and grants to households in need. For example; The Winter Fuel payment can be a one-off supplement to help you cover heating costs this winter. There are certain eligibility factors involved, so make sure you go through each scheme in your own time to see what help you can make use of.

It is important though to research resources first. That way, you may be able to save yourself from making any drastic decisions or compromises with your own spending. Try not to give into the panic of this fuel crisis – get a clearer idea of where you stand and what support is on offer.

Finance a New Boiler

Over time boilers can become less effective, which in turn can also cause your energy bills to tally higher than they reasonably should be. They may also repeatedly incur hefty repair costs.

A replacement boiler is needed in these situations, but as you are well aware, the purchase of a new one might seem like a tall order. Fortunately, Bbright offers flexible payment solutions, allowing you to secure a boiler on finance arrangements. The package comes with 24 months 0% interest on qualifying orders. You can choose the payment option you prefer at the checkout stage, and pay for your new boiler with more manageable monthly payments.

Try to find creative solutions to your problems. Financing deals are growing in popularity as people fund various aspects of their lifestyles. Pace your payments in line with your circumstances. If you have any doubts, research how finance schemes have helped others in your situation – helping them to get back on their feet.

Set a Strict Budget

It might seem obvious, but the budget you set for yourself needs to be extremely tight and everything needs to be accounted for. 

Begin on a spreadsheet, word doc or even a scrap of paper listing all of your regular (mortgage or rent, bills etc) and essential outgoings (food, fuel). Next list flexible outgoings and leisure costs (eating out, new clothing, clubs). Have a look at how much you are spending monthly and examine your spending habits – where you might be able to make cuts?

Then, no matter what, stick to your budget. Doing so will ease stress, because whether it is a trip to the shops or your bills, you know what to anticipate. 

Finances and sudden increases with things like energy bills, can for many be such a worry, Before you stress and make drastic changes, consider how you might possible be able to afford and adapt to it.

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