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I am not one, nor ever have been either to style my home for the season. Other than some tulips in Spring and decorations at Christmas, though last year I didn’t particularly enjoy decorating my home at Christmas, and found it to be more of an ordeal/expectation rather than something I really wanted to do. I know it had a lot to do with feeling rough from early pregnancy, combined with the emotions that Christmas brings, but either way I didn’t feel the usual excitement.

I have however, and more recently especially with the connections made through blogging, always admired the homes and little seasonal touches that people bring into their homes. I think its lovely to have garlands, seasonal colours, little accessories and general touches that just make it feel a little more Spring or Autumn, Halloween or Valentines. And so this week I thought I’d like to start the tradition of adding decorations to our home for various events/seasons and have things that I can keep/collect to put away and get out each year, as our income isn’t huge right now with Mr Smith finishing up uni, this was done as cheaply as possibly, but it hasn’t stopped me been rather excited to get started with it and bring into our home the newness and brightness of Spring.
lounge before
Our lounge accessories (as you can see) are already rather bright and so I used some of the pinks and greens to tie into my decorations. I made some bunting from some lovely fabric I picked up at the market on Monday (£2.50/mtr) and pinned that on the chimney breast. I really like it though I could be slightly longer, but as its my 1st attempt I shall admire my skills for now.
Then there was the bookcase corner I wanted to spruce up for Spring, as the other side of the chimney (where we have the TV) always has a vase of fresh seasonal flowers in. SO… I hit Ikea for some cheapo colourful picture frames (65p each) and then swapped some of our regular pics into these brighter frames. I bought a little rabbit plant from Asda for £2.50 and a candle from Primark for £2.00… and my fave is the postcards from Ikea @£1.75 that I popped in the distressed white frame I received a couple of years ago for Christmas. I love the birds and rabbits especially for Spring time and this looks such a cheery spot.
I still think I need one more touch to the left of the plant, but for now I am happy at my excitement in contrast to that of decorating at Christmas time. Its just a few cheap little touches touched at the moment, but combined with a little bit of home made happiness it really makes me feel happy for Spring and Easter time. I look forward to getting out annually some of these little decorations and adding to them as I see little rabbit ornaments or whatever. How exciting to style our home for the spring time with some simple spring decorations.

Also if you enjoy my little weekly/biweekly thrifty and frugal living posts, I would absolutely love it if you would vote for me in this years MADS from Tots 100, under “Best Thrifty Blog”!! Many Thanks and HAPPY EASTER xx 

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  1. March 25, 2016 / 2:57 pm

    I know exactly what you mean Mary and I am in awe of the wonderful styling that goes on in people’s homes. I was looking at those little postcards when I was last in Ikea, and I really wish I had picked up a pack. They look lovely in your frame on the wall. Happy Spring xx

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