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I am not one who tends to be banging on the shutters at 5am when a shop starts a sale, lets be honest, with young kids who has time/energy for that?

And even though I absolutely adore bargains and deals, I rarely plan to go “January Sale Shopping”. It probably has a lot to do with being a bit skint, already being blessed with wonderful gifts for Christmas and not really needing much. When ever I do though it always because I was passing and think Ill take a quick look, so here are a couple of things I picked up when I did just that!
Hearty Life

I’m not particularly happy with how our SALES scene is panning out these days either, back in the day you could garuntee that come boxing day/1st Jan shoppers would be going nuts as it was sale season, but since the introduction of black Friday it seems by these dates shops are at the tail end and its slim pickings!

Some of the big stores, like mothercare did start right before christmas and I got some lovely things for Ethan and Pjs for my Nephews birthday this month, again only a week into January and they have very little left!

My main bargs came from Matalan of all places – I rarely go because our nearest one isn’t that easy to access and with a shopping centre 5minutes away I find it easier to pop there for specifics, however on New Years day we met with friends and after a catch up at Costa we ended up in Matalan when I went absolutely nuts and spent £12!!!
InstagramCapture_44b2b2a3-67b4-4e6f-b150-c7d443f75326From Left to right: Black blouse £2.50, Trousers £3.50, Dress £3.50, sweat shirt £2.50

All totally me and the dress is my new fave! I wore it Sunday with my ankle boots and I felt so happy in it.. for £3.50 Mr Smith loved it too!!!

What sale bargs have you picked up?


  1. January 8, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    Our team here is also very passionate about thrifting – both selling/buying. We’ve launched a website exactly for that and invite you to come and visit us 🙂


  2. January 8, 2016 / 5:28 pm

    I love your thrifty posts Mary and well done for getting so much from Matalan for only £12. I must admit I have hardly touched the sales this year. I went into Boots and Debenhams the other day, but it was just the scraggy ends left lol. Not even done any online sales shopping. Think I am all shopped out after Christmas x

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