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Its not often I look in the charity shops for Ethan and Megan these days, as they just don’t really need a whole lot. I have noticed since them both being at school and wearing a uniform Monday – Friday that they really don’t get a lot of wear out of their stuff anyway. I had a pretty big sort out back in October I think it was, where I put summery things away and then cleared out a load of clothes I felt they no longer needed to friends and the charity shop. I then left them with just a handful of outfits each for half terms/weekends! I love how organised it all feels as everything is arranged in outfits and mostly goes with one another (or at least it was/did).

Ethan has a selection of long sleeved and short sleeved Tshirts, a couple of hoodies and jumpers, 4 pairs of joggers in various colours, smart shirts, a pair of jeans and 2 pairs of chino’s (he could do with one more pair for church). And Megan has dresses and skirts (posh and casual), leggings, Skinnies and a selection of tops and jumpers. \she trashes clothes quite easily and so I am pleased that most of her things are hand me downs from her cousin or a girl at church. Hand me downs are great as they obviously save a tonne of money, but it also means that I rarely go shopping for her. I take Ethan every few months when he has stained his tshirts or pulled holes in his trousers and we both enjoy choosing things for him. But I kind of miss that with Megan/generally just picking things out for her, not to mention that I also feel that sometimes her style gets a little lost in “other peoples clothes”. I enjoyed choosing her stuff from Boohoo the other week and it was exciting to have things that were most definitely her! I couldn’t resist then a couple of dresses I saw yesterday in the charity shop when I quickly popped in on a jumper hunt for me.


One was cord from M&S and just said “Megs” when I looked at it. The funky colours mixed with the classic style of it would be perfect for her with tights and her red ankle boots. The patterns are so gorgeous and it was a bargain of course at just £2.99!


Next to it was a jumper dress from Bluezoo (Debenhams) this was only £2.50 and the quirky/sparkly image on the front is certainly something magpie Megs would love. Its practical for cool weather, but fun too and I thought it would look lovely with either black or striped leggings and her high tops or chunky patent shoes for a dressy look.


I really like having an opportunity to buy stuff for the kids here and there, and now especially as they are older and can decide for themselves, it is a lot of fun to style them in things they love! I am grateful for hand me downs, and will always have a rummage when people offer, but I think I am learning to be a lot more picky with it and asses whether or not it goes with what they already have and if is them?  With having a good clear out its so nice now to have room for things they will definitely wear and not just lots of miss-match things that are taking up space because we were given them…and there’s nothing like shopping and picking things out for them yourself!

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