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My oh my where has the sunshine gone? I am pretty disappointed by the miserable showers we have been getting here in Yorkshire and so very much wish Summer would please return. Last weeks high 20’s weather inspired my budgety creation for this post and now it seems so inapplicable. But hey ho, lets live in hope that whether your headed on holiday or summer decides to show its face again, that this seemingly obvious tip will help you to save a few pounds and up cycle your wardrobe to a more summery feel.

Hearty Life (2)I realised during the “heat wave” that one thing I was lacking in my maternity wardrobe department was a pair of shorts. Me being me and almost at the end of pregnancy saw it pointless to go out and buy a pair…why spend money for a few weeks wear and when living in England we might only have a few days out of those weeks to wear them anyway? SOOO with a little bit of rummaging I found some faded black skinny maternity jeans from a previous pregnancy that I hadn’t worn in this one, and decided I would make my own pair of maternity shorts.


I have been making shorts this way for years and find it the easiest way to keep onto good fitting jeans/trousers that have seen better days. Its a 5 minute affair and requires only a pair of good scissors with some added skill and precision.

1. Put Jeans on and mark a point where you will cut (mine is always on the knee so I can fold them to be just above)
2. Take off and lay on a flat surface ensuring both legs are straight and aligned
3. Cut across marking carefully and straightly
4. Take cut off and place over other leg to ensure the same amount is cut off and repeat step 3
5. Fold up cut edge to look smooth… Voila … a new pair of shorts!


I saved money this year on Ethans Summer wardrobe too by doing this on jeans and chinos that were either stained on the knees, ripped or generally half mast! I love seeing them getting even more wear out of their clothes!


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