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Following on from yesterday’s post – My baby wear wish list, I couldn’t not feature the said baby shorts that I purchased earlier this week in GAP, not only were they a symbol of progress in my healing, but they were also an absolute steal!

Our baby is due in July, and so of course seasonal baby wear for Spring/Summer is just coming into stores now … at full price. It isn’t easy to grab bargains in the season, unless of course you have discount codes for in store or on line (which if you sign up to emails you can get). And so its usually a good idea to snatch them up in the sales and buy ahead, or of course hit the charity shops/car boot sales and find nearly new appropriate things there too.

I however found myself in our local GAP on Monday after the scan, as I previously had bought 2 pairs of maternity jeans for like £9 each on line (with FREE delivery) and due to my uber skinny scrawny legs they were just too baggy, so I reluctantly returned them.
I always think if you are already in a shop and they have a SALE section its always worth 5 mins to nosey for some bargains. You never know what you might find…Like some summer baby bits for just 99p!
Baby shorts header
These of course, as I have said a few times, are my 1st baby item(s) that I got off my own back and because I wanted to and felt excited to.  They were an absolute steal at 99p a pair and the sun hat too was just 99p. I like the cherries and style of the 1st, the colourful birds on the 2nd pair and the plain coral for being summery and bright..The denim of course goes with lots of things and is rather cool.Baby cherry shortsBird shorts GapWP_20160317_17_33_12_ProInstagramCapture_510597d3-99d8-41e4-b17a-b2bf0cca92ddI love the style of them all. I love the prints and I love how easy they will be with a little vest and that hat chilling in the pram on sunny walks! £3.96 for some baby summer essentials – you can’t go wrong!  I am really into baby Gap at the moment and I can’t wait to check out our local outlet in the next few weeks too.. stay tuned and i’ll let you know what I find, last year I got Megs a hoodie for £4 and E some Tshirts for £2 each. LOVE.


  1. March 18, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    I can just imagine your joy when you found these amazing bargains Mary. Love the little pink shorts with the birds on. We have a Gap outlet near us and I really should take a visit. I remember a few years back I got some really cheap hoodies for the kids online. Infact daughter still wears hers now x

  2. March 24, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    They are so cute Mary! It seems rather fitting too that these absolute bargains were in there for you, making it a little easier for you to make the purchases! I always forget about Gap when I’m looking for kids clothes but must remember to check out their sale and outlet stores xx

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