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Its no secret that I love a good bargain! There is just something extremely fulfilling to me to find something that either looks good, is useful, delicious, is on our wish list or a general lovely gift for someone, and when it turns out to cost next to nothing or just generally is a complete bargain, well there in lies a secret to a hearty life!

This month I have received a lot of compliments both on my outfits and my kids also and it always makes me laugh to see peoples reactions when I tell them that I got it at the charity shop or car boot… they simply cannot believe it, especially when I tell them how much little it cost too..WHAATTTTTTTTTT. (Que jaw drop and “No way” comments)!

I honestly believe that you can have lovely things, a full life and look mint and it not cost the earth. It is becoming, or rather now is my life goal to live off bargainous goods and apparel… it makes me glow with joy to know I have saved somewhere, got a bargain or made a meal with scraps and I almost feel like saying this out loud has helped me come to know myself that little bit more. Yes world I am not ashamed to be a thrifty Mrs, its a great source of happiness to me and makes our life so much more hearty! My brother in law once joked that it was my call in life and I am beginning to believe it is, I have taken for granted that I have an eye for a deal.

As so many seem surprised by the things I get, make and do, I thought Id start to share with you a few of my frugal ways and purchases each week. I hope to spread the joy it brings to life and show why I am able to lead a hearty life though our budget is on a shoe string! So this week were all about “Looking good for less”:
Hearty Life1. That Floral dress
InstagramCapture_dfdcb095-ad15-493e-a057-2b411fc43ecd (1)Oh my friends have gone cray cray over this little beaut that was originally from Boohoo. I bought it for £1 in Scope..yes just a quid! It was a couple of weeks ago on whim whilst in town with my hubs mum and sisters. I ended up wearing it that night for a family wedding reception (thank goodness it didn’t smell of charity shops but rather cleanliness) and again last weekend with shoe boots (which were given to me) for a wedding… I love it; comfort, style, modesty and glam!
WP_20150919_10_22_29_Pro (1)
2.Black pencil skirt
11950479_127598470928045_1516430279_nMonsoon, its lined, has pockets and came with a black belt. I however bought it from a charity shop near my mums house and paid £2.25 for it….its in mint condition and the bonus is that I feel very slim and sophisticated in it!
For some reason I no longer had an essential go to black skirt and so when I saw this one in my size I snatched it up…its perf! AND for the record my blouse and belt were free from a clothes swap (more on that at a later date). #cheapOutfit done!

3. Megsies Shiny Shoes
Clarks but of course for me – 50p from the Carboot. They are an 8.5G which I thought was half a size bigger, but that was okay as I also thought they would be perfect to be put away for her.
I decided to get her feet measured when we took E prior to starting school, just to see and much to my extreme joy she is now an 8.5G… Talk about efficiency! The lights still work, no scuffs and lots of tread on the soles. She loves them and they are the perfect look this autumn with her tights and dresses.

4. A Halloween Costume for Megsie
Sometimes thriftiness is all about buying it when you see it and putting it away, and I do this a lot (just remember where you stored it haha) Whilst we still have a good month til Halloween I certainly have not been in the frame of mind to think of kids costumes, activities etc, but when I saw this in Wilko’s for £1.75 I had to have it – it was such a steal and will be perfect for little Megs to wear for the occasion! She has fancy dress party she has been invited to that day and I think she will be rocking it and I couldn’t have made one as good for that price either.


  1. September 25, 2015 / 7:49 pm

    Mary you are a girl after my own heart (lol see what I did there). I love getting bargains from charity shops and car booties, and we too have had some amazing stuff over the years. In the summer I got a gorgeous Cath Kidston bag for £1.50 !!!! Brand new. That dress is stunning on you Mary. Looking forward to reading more about your bargains x

  2. September 29, 2015 / 2:29 pm

    I love a bargain and used to get loads of great things from charity shops but seem to have lost the knack recently. I think having a toddler in tow makes it a bit more tricky though, as I’m always wondering if she’s destroying the display or putting things in her pockets! Love all your bargains they look fab xx

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