Schuh Imperfects

Have you heard about Schuh Imperfects? If not then I hope that what I will share with you in this post will be gratefully received – especially if you love a bargain and discounts (often mega discounts)!

I first heard about this site a few months ago from one of my fellow bargain loving pals. It is where Schuh sell off their ex-display stock (Office Offcuts is the equivalent for Office too – check it out), and it is where you are bound to find some amazing savings on footwear.

I have been in need of a new pair of trainers for a while now, and so decided to check out Schuh Imperfects just to see what they had. I spotted a cool pair of Nike daybreaks, which were totally my vibe; offering a retro/vintage feel and a gorgeous orange with the neutrals. They are white, beige and orange (love a pop of colour), and they looked great for summer time/life in a sunny climate. I wasn’t 100% sure they were what I wanted though they were a firm fave, and so I sent the link across to Naths phone to keep it safe for reference. It turns out that he took it as a hint that I wanted them, and ended up ordering them earlier this week as a surprise! HELLO!

I was actually delighted to get them (While also thinking it was really funny too) and I am super pleased. They are really cool and are great with so many looks, from jeans to sporty, to dresses/skirts – pretty much everything.

Running around after the kids, walking, or just for comfort and style, I am super pleased with my new retro trainers…. especially because they were a bargainous £28 instead of £80, due to some apparent ex-display scuffs. Can you believe that saving? AMAZING!

I’ll be honest, some of their shoes are totally obvious why they are on there, but with these you can barely tell (if at all) and the issues stated would have happened anyway from general wear. But, they are totally lush and super comfy –  I can’t wait to start wearing them. If you too want some new kicks and great savings too, keep an eye on Schuh imperfects and Office offcuts! It is total style, savings and happy days.

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