School “nuniform” shopping

It may be a sign of bad parenting, but I am not one to jump in and correct my kids grammar when they come out with funny and adorable interpretations for things…I just love to hear it and it makes my day. My faves at the moment are “cu-pumber” (cucumber) and “school nuniform” (an obvious stage we are in) and so as little E starts school in 2 days (sob) he might say some funny words, but after a mental shopping trip yesterday, he certainly won’t be getting funny looks in his dapper new stuff!
WP_20150908_19_11_57_ProI am naturally a bargain hunter.. cheap, low price tag kinda gal…you don’t really have much choice to have it any other way when your hubs is a student and surplus cash is a thing of the past (for now). We all make sacrifices in various ways, but lucky for him when it comes to new purchases it is a natural trait to get a deal and rarely a sacrifice.

Whilst I am more than aware of the cheapest places for uniforms (we’ve been surrounded by it since May) I have shopped around to feel fabrics, compare prices, look at sizing and a whole host of other things! In the end we bought him a cardigan and a jumper with the school logo on from the local uniform shop, general uniform from Sainsburys and shoes from Clarks. He already had PE kit courtesy of M&S and chose a cool skull back pack from Asda. We grabbed a barg with his shoes; £21 instead of £34 at the outlet and of course the perfect fit as he had his feet measured, and then we noticed his shorts were only £3 for 2 pairs on sale at Sainsburys…scooorrreee.
WP_20150908_14_35_10_ProWP_20150908_17_39_23_ProWP_20150908_15_04_57_ProInstagramCapture_82f0189f-6cd9-4cb8-be58-4572ac7157b8I wanted him to look a little old fashioned/posh boy and so went straight for shorts and long socks, which he absolutely LOVES! Its so nice that he is not yet fashion concious, that he is comfortable in his own skin and loves to just look smart. He is going nuts over his long socks and shorts and so am I, that for at least one school year I can dress him like a posh boy haha. I have deliberately not taken shots of his jumper and colours to keep the excitement for Thursday, but I am totally loving him in his new “nuniform” and I can’t stop smiling at him.
WP_20150908_19_11_01_ProWP_20150908_19_22_57_ProI really make myself laugh( and make Naths eyes roll) that I left it til 2 days before he started school to get his stuff (talk about last minute) and I have been saying its so that Nathan could come along too for the fun. I think its more that it freaks me out that my baby is taking this step, wearing a uniform, full time school and making new friends… some peoples kids are already on their way and here we are only just getting his tat together.. its going to be an interesting adventure, but one where he will be looking the business.

Best of Worst


  1. September 9, 2015 / 8:28 pm

    Fab post Mary!! Alfie, at the moment says cucumber as cumbumber…..LOL. I don’t correct him as it makes me laugh, bad Mummy. I also love the pulled up socks and smart shoe look too, he looks super smart! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst as always lovely! x

    • September 9, 2015 / 10:36 pm

      Hahaha thats a good interpretation – it is soooo funny isn’t it. I also laugh my head off when kids get tongue tied trying to say spaghetti haha! Thanks – How long til Alfie goes to school? x

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