How to Get Some of the Best Free Samples

Manufacturers know that one of the best ways to promote their products is by giving away free samples (and who doesn’t love a freebie?). This is because a lot of consumers are simply not willing to pay for something that they have never tried before and do not want to waste their money on something that they may not like, and so getting a free sample gives them a chance to try a new product without risk. There are samples available for most types of consumer goods and these can range from packaged grocery items, personal care items, baby care products, etc.

But, just where can you get these samples for free?

Direct from Manufacturers

One way is by getting them directly from the manufacturer’s website. The sample costs you no money, but you usually have to fill in a form with your personal contact information in order to get it. You may even need to answer some questions about personal preferences. The manufacturer will either email you a coupon good for a free sample that you can redeem at your local supermarket, or may send the sample directly to your home.

Freebie sites

There are many websites like that make your life a lot easier by gathering samples from a variety of places under one roof. You still need to fill out a request form for each one, but at least you do not have to go to ten different websites to get the samples. New samples are added to the website all the time and so it provides plenty of options. You can also subscribe to alerts so that when there is a new offer for a free sample, you will be among the first to know.

Keep in mind that by requesting a free sample though, you often have to agree to get future emails from the manufacturer. Your inbox can quickly fill up with advertisement. Some of these ads may offer you another incentive. So, getting your name on the mailing list may be worth it. You are always given the option to unsubscribe, so there is really no risk for signing up.

Trade Shows and fairs

Sometimes you can get samples for free from trade shows or fairs that have vendor booths. This is another way for a company to gain more exposure to their brand. Festivals and county fairs are popular venues for vendors to set up a presence.

Sample Packs 

One of my favourite parts of pregnancy is the sample packs offered throughout from various sources. Contained in sample packs like these are an array of free mini samples, of anything from lotions to vitamins and laundry products, which provides parents with the opportunity to try before they buy!

 You may wonder how a company can afford to give away products? But, giving away samples is actually a very good marketing investment. A consumer is more likely to make a purchase after he has tried out the product. So, by giving out samples for free, the company gets back more in terms of sales and everybody wins.

Remember though that free offers often have an expiration date so, do pay attention to those if you do not want to miss the deal. If you subscribed to alerts for new offers, do respond to them quickly because sometimes the offer is only good while supplies last.

These are just some of the ways where you can get great samples of popular products for free. Keep your eyes open so you will not miss a deal.

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