Frugal Friday #6 – Cute baby extras and purging clothes

Well what a lovely week we have enjoyed with World Book Day yesterday, Pancake Day Tuesday, and Alice’s first proper hang out at the soft play (steady on)! Its certainly been another busy one but filled with lovely moments, accomplishments, and Kids bossing it this morning in assembly with awards and mega house points! Big time proud mama and exhausted with our antics.

At the start of this week, I was unbelievably excited to turn the calendar to March, the reason being for the sheer fact I felt it acceptable to rotate my wardrobe to a more spring feel and put away my dark Wintry look. But after the crazy showers of today, I am very much second guessing that choice.

I feel like I fell into a bit of a rut over Winter and it just generally feels like it has gone on for so long. I am craving colour and more patterns in my life, no more thermal socks and a new pair of shades! I hate how safe I play it in my style and Winter makes it easy to wear anything under a fat coat! I guess if anything its turned out to be a good lesson for this years Winter – maybe spice it up with a few more colourful knits or layers, but for now I welcome in my long forgotten Spring wardrobe and hope to build up a fresher look too over coming weeks.

This leads nicely into my main frugal thing of the week – Purging my clothes! I tend to hang onto things “just in case” but with our impending move it was refreshing to be strict and have a really good clear out.

Purging my wardrobe

Last week I went to a great bloggers meet up with local bloggers where we had the opportunity to listen to Sara from Me and Orla.  I had little expectations, just rocked up to be sociable and with an open mind to see what discoveries I would make to aid my blogging life, and in fact came away completely inspired. One of the main things I took was summing up my style in 3 words, and since I spent a good few days analysing this, I was excited to completely rid my wardrobe of anything that didn’t fit into at least one of those words.

Rotation from Winter to Spring seemed the perfect opportunity and so I spent most of Wednesday afternoon wading through my entire wardrobe deciding if it was a keeper or purge! In all honestly I have been left with a rather sparse everyday wardrobe for this season…a load of skirts I failed to see, and a lot more confidence in the direction I am headed.

I realised in all of this that money can be saved in only buying things I truly love and feel are me, instead of being tempted because its cheap or on sale. Why buy 3 tops for £4 in the charity shop that are okay for a few months, when I can invest in one nicer top new elsewhere that id wear way more? Or maybe it is charity still but I just need to be more selective, really love it and have it fit into my “me words”! And then I actually need to be bothered to style my look better… I hate feeling drab but being a stay at home mum with a snotty baby sometimes is the only excuse I need to not be bothered.

We often think frugal and thrifty are not spending money, but I think  its finally clicked that sometimes it’s more about how we spend the money. As a result I am starting a new goal to be way more selective!

Cute Baby Extras

In one breath I am saying goodbye to half of my wardrobe to the charity shop or a clothes swap (fingers crossed I get some me things!), and in the next I welcoming in more to boost the babies! Well it was just 2 items this week and I love them both. I find this age (6-9 months) gets so easily stained and worn that I am always looking for extra little tops and stuff, and these were just £1.25 in our local British Heart Foundation. The cardi is from gap, the top from Next.

Its so hard when their age crosses seasons, and the lovely dresses she has had seem to not be working anymore. As long as there are charity shops its not an issue over here! £2.50 for 2 tops – Barg!

Well I wish you all a lovely weekend (of frugal choices), we are looking forward to having a free day out to the forest 🙂 will let you know how it goes next week!


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  1. March 22, 2017 / 11:48 pm

    I really have to get on the closet purging bandwagon! I feel like I can fill an entire truck with old clothes!

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