Frugal Friday #25 – Topshop Jumper & Free subs!

I realised yesterday that the kids only had like 3 days and weekend left of the hols, and so I kicked my butt into gear and we had a mega fort building sess on the beach! The weather wasn’t the best we’ve had, but the fun, fresh sea air and calmness of the sea were totally worth it! I will certainly miss these train to beach adventures once Autumn and school kicks in!

This week hasn’t been an easy one for me, which I will try to explain soon, but it meant that we have spent a couple of days hibernating and feeling really naff about life. We’ve watched far too many movies and I don’t think I even got dressed one day, so apologies that my bargs haven’t been that fruitful this week (sorry)!

I guess not going out is frugal, right? (we didn’t spend a penny)! But joking aside, it made my day when I found a great jumper in the charity shop yesterday and we got free subs for lunch – here’s how.


My kids are obsessed with Subway! We love it, and have had it easily on a weekly basis over the holidays! I love it because they pack it full of all of the salad options (their fave been black olives!), and when offered any other “fast food” option, Subway wins hands down (score)!

As a result of this addiction, we have quickly racked up the points on my sub card, and so yesterday we cashed them in and had free subway all round. I always go for the steak & cheese when its a free one, why? yup, because its the most pricey normally!!!!

If you visit Subway frequently it is definitely worth having a card, as it’s surprising how quickly a few £3 lunch deals add up to give you freebies!

TopShop Jumper

I was thinking with the change in cooler weather that it might be nice to get a new jumper or 2 this year to update my Autumn/Winter look! I walked into a charity shop for a browse yesterday, and saw a lovely oversized khaki green number from TopShop – it was sooo nice!

I asked the old lady the price as it had no tag, and she said out of nowhere “£3???” – I saw that all the others said £5, and so snapped it up at the apparent reduced price! I look forward to throwing it on with scarves and over a denim shirt!

Good luck with the last weekend of the summer hols, and getting everything ready for the new term – where has the time gone? I hope you grab a few back to school bargs!

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