Frugal Friday #11 – Free & Low Budget Days Out in Yorkshire

As we near the end of our Easter holidays, it’s hard to believe it’s already over. I am a little jealous that most people have another week, but then again I may be slightly excited too! We can’t complain, we have done loads and the weather on the whole has been great. Here in Yorkshire there are so many lovely places to visit, that don’t cost a lot or even better – they’re Free.

Here are our faves this Easter holiday that we went back to again this week, and that might give you some ideas, especially if like us you are on a budget!

Oakwell Hall – Batley

We haven’t been to Oakwell hall probably since last summer but it’s fantastic. Being a country park there are many little (or bigger) walks to do, and it’s mostly pushchair/bike/scooter friendly.

I went last week with a friend and Ethan on his own as Megs stayed at Grandma’s, and he spent ages den building in the woods and riding his bike. Of course he wanted to take Megs back this week, and again it was the same…hours den building in the woods, playing in the play areas, a picnic, scooter ride and playing down by the stream. It’s free unless you want to go in the hall, but if not it’s the perfect place for kids to chase nature!

Valley Gardens – Harrogate

This is a little tradition we have with cousins. We love to meet at Harlow carr and walk through the woods to valley gardens in Harrogate. This time they took their scooters, sometimes we stop off on the woods to explore. It’s always lovely.

The park at Valley Gardens is incredible. Something for every age, picnic tables and lots to do. The kids had a great time exploring, then went onto the skate park, and back again. They have a paddling pool in the summer too and we just love taking a picnic and hanging out for the day.

Tong Garden Centre

This one comes at a cost … but only a small one and I think it’s worth it. It’s £3.50 per child, and has 2 play areas, a massive sand area and now 2 bouncy pillows too. On the way out we also like to go look at the fountains in the garden centre, the fish and pet shop, and it makes for a lovely, fun, and fairly reasonable day out for under a tenner.

Bridlington Swimming Pool

Recently opened, the new leisure world is perfect for a fun swim and slide day with the kids. Its only £11 for a family ticket which I think is fab, and my kids LOVE it. Its so clean and well maintained, and they have 2 biggish slides, a splash pool with baby slides/water works which is ample, fun and easy to keep and eye on them whilst they have an element of freedom with cousins.

We went here last Tuesday, and whilst it ended in a trip to A&E (Ethan fell and punctured his lip), it is always a lot of fun for low cost. Then of course with the money you save, grab some Fish & Chips on the way home!! 🙂

A Beach walk

Walking on the beach costs nothing, and as mentioned in my Ordinary Moments Post last week, is a lot of fun for the little beach combers amongst us. We loved walking along the North beach at Bridlington from the harbour up to the cliffs at Sewerby park. The sea was calm and beautiful and all we did was collect rocks, shells and sea glass. 10 minutes further and we could have made our way up at the steps at Sewerby and had the kids play in the park, or even pay a couple of pounds into the little farm there. Either way it passes time, is beautiful, fun and of course FREE. Collect large rocks and you could make it into a craft the next day!

What Free and low budget things do you like to do in the school holidays? Maybe I can nick some ideas for the next one!

Yorkshire Tots

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  1. April 16, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    Some great ideas here! Family days out can get so expensive and kids can have loads of fun on free adventures! We’ve not been to Valley Gardens – one for our list for sure! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily

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