You may (or not) have heard of the online retailer everything5pounds, but having recently discovered them and liking most of the things I have ordered, I wanted to share because lets face it, it is really quite remarkable to see some of the things you can get on there for a fiver…and who doesn’t want a dress or pair of boots for only a fiver ay?!

If you aren’t familiar with them then the clue is in the name, but Everything5pounds sells clothing, accessories and shoes for all the family and its all 5 quid (unless its on sale then its like £2.50). To be honest with you, on the surface a lot of it looks out of season or just a bit tat, however if you have a bit of vision or have time to scroll through, then you will find as I have that there are also some great pieces to find too! I am all for a bargain as you are well aware, but we also have to be careful here, as part of being thrifty is not to buy for the sake of buying just because its cheap (you know what i’m saying?) so with Everything5pounds its good to have regular scrolls through to be sure you are getting something you will wear and love.

What I have bought…

I have ordered twice so far from this site and it takes about a week to arrive. They send it via Royal mail and postage costs are very reasonable and competitive with other retailers.

My first order included my new favourite cargo dungarees which I wear with t shirts or blouses and pumps (or sandals), a red oversized jumper dress (great with high tops, but also boots come Autumn) and some fab and funky silver brogue style ankle boots, that I hope to wear with trousers/jeans or skirts and dresses (I love them). Each of these also come in alternative colours if you wanted something more you!

I also bought some leopard print boots and a dress but unfortunately the fit wasn’t right on either! These 3 items however are great additions to my wardrobe and I have plenty of outfit combos to include them, so therefore they make a great bargain and are useful too.

This last week I am currently waiting on a gingham skirt, orange dress and some knee length denim shorts – time will tell if they are keepers, but I am hopeful as they are lovely!

A few gems I’ve spotted…

Of course I receive regular emails having ordered from them and also enjoy having a peruse of the site occasionally too whilst feeding. I don’t tend to visit because I particularity want a certain item, but rather more so to see what takes my fancy (if anything). This week on there I liked a few dresses and shirts, as well as far too many jumpsuits to list, but I haven’t bought any of them.

Here are a few lovely pieces (remember all a fiver each) that perhaps will be of interest to you that I spotted.

The stuff so far seems to be of a good quality and are either from random brands no one has heard of or ex store things too. One of my items had a 49euro tag on it, which to me showed a lot of it is decent stuff that is discounted due to season or lack of sale. Either way, I am glad I have discovered everything5pound – both for the bonus pieces in my wardrobe that I love from them, and also the fact they each only cost 5 quid!

Looking good for less – yes please. What bargains will you discover for a fiver?!

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  1. May 29, 2021 / 8:29 pm

    I have used Everything 5 Pounds before and have got some real bargains.
    Some of the clothes are not amazing, they don’t fit well or seem thinner than I thought they would be but for £5 you can’t really complain. x

    • Mary @TheHeartyLife
      May 31, 2021 / 2:24 pm

      Thats so true, and yeah I have found some of it a bit tat as I say – I am glad you have also found some real bargains too. Ive kept a dress that looks awful to use the fabric for a skirt ahha

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