A few Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

As the festive season approaches, I am frantically trying to put together lists, sort out the house and, generally just thinking about what gifts to get for those we love. From bits for the kids, to something for Nath (not to mention our siblings and families), there is always so much to think about at this time of year – but I love it too.

The number of presents to buy and the cost of them/how much we end up spending on other extra’s over the Christmas period, can soon mount up. And then, Just when you think you’ve got everything covered and are ready to put your feet up with a mince pie, you suddenly remember you’re doing Secret Santa at work this year (and there’s something about trying to source a gift at a set price for Denise in accounts that can send people into a mad panic).

If you’re stumped and don’t know what to get your workmate this year, then here are some thrifty ideas to hopefully get you inspired.

Get Crafty

If you’re arty, why not turn your talent to Christmas gifts? Should the recipient enjoy a brew, you could try making your own coasters or perhaps they’d enjoy some DIY candles? You could revamp a simple plant pot and add a little poinsettia in to give it a festive touch. I recently tried my hand at some pebble art – another lovely, personal, cheap and effective gift! 

Once you start crafting your Secret Santa gift, you’ll possibly find more people in your life who would appreciate your creations too – another way you could always save some extra pennies – make handmade goodies for your loved ones too.

Bake Some Treats

Should you love baking and enjoy nothing more than whiling away your weekends waiting for your yummy creations to prove, why not bake some festive biscuits, Mince pies or some gingerbread?  Christmas is perfect for delicious flavours.

You can purchase glass storage jars very cheaply at most home shops and, once you’ve popped your bakes inside, you can make them really special with a festive ribbon or decoration and handmade gift tag. Like the crafty gift ideas, this one again can be extended to gift ideas for others and could be a great excuse to invite friends over for a Christmas cuppa.

Savvy Stocking Fillers

There are so many lovely stocking fillers out there, many for under £10. From mugs to candles, slipper socks or quirky snow globes, there are trinkets to suit every personality in the office. I recently saw some fab ones in TK Maxx that were reasonable and funky, but if you are thinking of purchasing some stocking fillers with your Secret Santa budget, consider how much you can buy. While a £5 limit may initially appear to be too little, you can find one or two appropriate gifts for that price quite easily if you know where to look.

For the sentimental colleague, a photo frame for their desk could go down well, or if they love stationery, then personalised notebooks such as these from Card Factory are a thoughtful gift too.

Stocking fillers are also ideal if you don’t know the recipient super well and where you can’t think of something you know they’ll like, you can always opt to buy something they’ll use. Pens and keyrings are a handy and cost-effective option for the co-workers we rarely speak to, or again why not bake in bulk for all the office? 

Are you stumped for Secret Santa inspiration this year? Will you be using any of these tips to make sure you have your present sorted?


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