5 under £5 – March 2017

I feel like in recent months, that I should be changing this to “What I bought in home bargains this month”, because once again it seems to be somewhat of a home bargs haul!!

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed a pencil case and found in the mothers day range at Home Bargains, this lovely gold sparkle one. The size is great and I think its just lovely – especially for like 79p! I also spotted the note books whilst there, which were a pack of 2, again hovering somewhere around the £1 mark and I couldn’t not buy them. If you have a home bargains and can get there, then do check their mothers day stuff out right now, it all has this rose gold and bronze feel to it all and is simply gorgeous!

Next up, and again from the home of the bargs is a hula hoop for little Megsie. She has been doing super well at school both in effort and success, and so as a treat I said she could buy something special. She chose the glitzy hoop for £1.99 and has been jumping around with it in our room like an uncoordinated elephant ever since!!!

Finally are a couple of things I picked up in the charity shop the other day as I was getting off the bus before the school run! A lovely H&M blouse for £2 and a crazy dress with no known brand to me, again for a bargain at £2.50! It made me laugh as I had been round all of my favourite shops in Leeds looking for some new things and bought zero…I then by chance hit my local and bag some lovely things. I cant wait for continued warmer weather where I can have the opportunity to wear them. I love the silky blouse, it just seems so versatile, and the dress pattern is mint. It will look fab with sandals in the summer!

Once again I am linking up with Julia at Rainbeaubelle to swap ideas of lovely things one can find under £5!


  1. March 14, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    I used to live really near Home Bargs and miss it now! 🙂 Such great things and I’m impressed you managed to get some clothes in there this month, good work!! x

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