Review | Peter Pan at Hull Truck Theatre

Last week my sister and I headed over to Hull Truck with 2 of my nephews to catch this years Christmas production – Peter Pan! It is a brand new adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale that has recently been flown in for this special time of year. This version of Peter Pan is an action packed musical with original songs and music which we found it to be hilarious, heart warming and full of “wow” moments for all.

I decided on this occasion to take my nephews over my own kids as one of them had recently had a birthday and I thought “how exciting to go to the theatre for it?”. I also thought it would be a nice opportunity for me to spend quality time with them and hang out whilst seeing this much-loved classic brought to life. Seeing it through the eyes of children who aren’t as acquainted with the theatre as I am through my blog, was so refreshing and fabulous to me. They helped me to appreciate the theatre in a new light, just like I first did when I was their age. Each set change, lighting affect, song and stunt was new and exciting to them and it brought such wonderment – their awe reignited my own. Through them and the play I was grateful to be reminded to dream a little more and look for the magic in life.

Children are full of dreams but we as adults get so busy with routines that we often forget to dream. We lose the childish excitement for stories we once had, and we get caught up in being busy – we forget to play, dream and imagine. Peter Pan however is a great reminder to all to live a with a little more adventure, dream bigger and dare to imagine, when one night, bedtime stories come alive for the Darling children. Peter Pan and fairy Tinker Bell guide them through the stars to a land of Lost Boys, Pirates and Mermaids and time stands still as their action-packed adventure unfolds and they come face to face with the Fearsome (and very funny) captain Hook, Brave Princess Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys of Neverland.

Like all shows I have seen at Hull Truck, it did not disappoint with the wonderful set and quirky adaptation. The lighting was used well and Tinker bell and Hook shone out and had the audience in stitches on many occasions. Wendy’s sweet voice radiated to all hearts and whilst there were a couple of moments that took me by surprise and felt a little awkward (I put that down to the fact that I didn’t realise this year it was more “panto” realms than “a lovely Christmas play”), it was quickly saved by the humour of the pirates! With us being right by the front, we also had the opportunity to really get close to the crocodile (much to my nephews dismay!), but the highlight for us all was certainly the circus stunts that Peter Pan and Wendy perform in the flying scenes – they had the wow factor and were very impressive.

Over all we had a wonderful evening, plenty of laughter and  really enjoyed this years Christmas Play at Hull Truck. It is a lovely reminder to dream and live with adventure in your heart, and It certainly got a 2 thumbs up from both my Nephews who thought it was absolutely fantastic (and also a little creepy!).

And, If that’s not enough excitement for you – my sister and I almost jumped out of our seats with glee, when I turned to the back of my programme and we saw that next years Christmas play will be none other than “The Railway Children”! We are already super excited for it, and are once again thankful for an excellent run of plays this year from Hull Truck. But for now, I Hope you might fly on down there this festive season and enjoy some adventures in Never land with Wendy, Peter, Hook, Smee, Tinkerbell and the Lost boys. It is witty, exciting and most impressive.

Peter Pan is on at Hull Truck Theatre until the 4th of January 2020 and is recommended for 5+. There is a mixture of Morning, evening and afternoon showings, with tickets starting at an affordable £12.50.

*Thanks so much to Hull Truck for inviting us along to review Peter Pan.

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