The Ordinary Moments 44/52 – Birthday Wish Lists

For as long as I can remember I have always made a “wish list” leading up to my birthday (and Christmas), and I find it rather an exciting part of life. Its not because of any sense of entitlement or because I expect certain things from people (quite the opposite), but more so as a “just in case” if people asked, then I would have an idea of what I might like or need at this point in life. Its something my parents encouraged (probably to make their life easier) and has always been an exciting thing to do leading upto the big day. I usually do not really expect any of it at all, just more of a dreamy idea of new things that would be wonderful if people were wondering or felt inclined to treat me!

I have always been content with smallish, inexpensive things and grateful for what people give me. My friends and family know me well when it comes to gifts and its very ordinary to see animal print, bling, make up/nail varnishes, music, chocolate and generally things that are bright and funky! All of these things make me happy, and I find gift opening exciting … ooooo the anticipation. I get just as excited about a gift for my home as a new piece for my wardrobe and chocolate and food gifts bring me as much joy as flowers and books. I’d say I’m quite easy to buy for and just love cool, quirky, fun things, that are a little bit different too.
nestingdolls-xmasAs my birthday is in the colder months of the Year I have usually always had new boots, coats, knitwear and snuggly accessories; they’re useful and come just as the weather is changing. But as I say I am not particularly fussy and I like most things and often get stuff I never would have thought of but always adore (isn’t it interesting how people perceive you?!) and Naths family are very good at this side of gift giving…I rarely can guess but its always lovely and exciting.

So as I approach 31 in a couple of weeks (when did that happen?) by tradition I have pursued my Ordinary for the end of October and put together a wish list of a few newbies I’d love to receive for my birthday next month (take note Mr Smith), or just as an idea of where Im at with what im loving! I think if money wasn’t an issue I would absolutely love a good camera, as blogging has ignited a picture taking passion inside of me, but perhaps that one can go on the Christmas Wish list!!

birthday wish list
1. A funky Jumpsuit | 2. Now 91 – Great tunes on there | 3. Leopard print ankle boots | 4. A gold coloured watch | 5. H&M faux leather trousers | 6. Gorgeous Yellow bag – New Look | 7. Wifey Tshirt | 8. Knitted waistcoat or Long Jacket – This one is TU @ Sainsbury’s | 9. Seasonal Nail varnishes – Barry M | 10. Sam Smiths older Album | 11. Seasonal Eye shadows – any brand | 12. Another Onesie (in girly or animal print or funky_

…or anything really. but as I created this last week, I really felt it was a reflection of where I am in life as it looks rather age appropriate style wise, with a bit of music thrown in to let my hair down. I blatantly need a few pieces in my wardrobe to spice it up and new make up/nail varnishes and accessories are always a winner. I’ve moved on from big nappy bags now the kids are toilet trained and so would love something more useful and lovely (Nath has said he will get me it ahhhh) but I just love the anticipation of birthday’s and the Ordinary moments of this time of year of how I think, feel and plan leading up to MY day! I cannot believe I am here again planning for my birthday, reflecting on what I want to do with my next year of life and basically the biggest shocker…that I am now well and truly into the 30’s chapter of life. OH MY!!



  1. November 1, 2015 / 10:27 pm

    Mary – you HAVE to get that stripy jumpsuit! It would look SO good on you. Where is it from? I am writing a ‘wish list’ for the first time this year since I was a small child. Then our money isn’t wasted on random things. There are so many DIY and craft books on my list – but I’ve managed to cut it down to 4! LOL xx

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