The Ordinary Moments 29/52 – Mr Grass Head

On Monday when I collected Ethan from preschool I had one of those “blast from the past” type moments when he enthusiastically pulled out a grass head he had spent the morning making in the art room. He was SO SO happy and excited to show me it and I was loving seeing it…he really had done an amazing job and seeing it took me back to my school days when we did things like that (as well as growing cress seeds on cotton wool in yoghurt pots) and it made me so happy to see that kids are still getting joy from these very ordinary things we’ve been doing for generations.
WP_20150715_10_09_36_ProSince then “Mr Grass Head” (original name) has become his pride and Joy and we have had the pleasure of his company at play group, days out and dinner. It has been a battle on some occasions to keep him in the pot whilst walking on a wall but I couldn’t say no when I saw that sparkle in his eye and pride on his face at what he had made.
WP_20150714_11_49_02_Pro WP_20150714_09_01_31_ProSuch a simple little thing that we have probably made at some point in our life but I have been amazed at how many conversations it has sparked up for him with other adults as they reminisce, boosting his confidence and how attached to it he has been.
WP_20150715_10_09_21_Pro He is doing so well looking after it and it has been an exciting week to watch it grow. It make me even more so, want to start a garden with them..Do you remember them and have you made one recently with your kids?


  1. mummydaddyme
    July 19, 2015 / 8:47 pm

    Aw so cute, Mr Grass Head looks like he’s getting a good head of hair already! That is a blast from the past- I love that we get to relive parts of our childhood through our children. x

  2. July 21, 2015 / 4:34 pm

    Hi Mary, Oh I used to love it when my son took delight in making things like this. He’s 9 now and doesn’t do these sort of activities much anymore. It makes me rather sad. We are even in the process of clearing old toys out and I keep looking at them getting all sentimental! Enjoy all these ‘ordinary moments’ because they go far too quickly. Tor xx (Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post. I’m so sorry to see you’ve suffered such a great loss, your blog is very inspiring, keep going hun.)

    • July 21, 2015 / 7:34 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Its great to hear that the hopes I had when I started it are recognised by my readers old and new 🙂

      Oh my it makes me sad to think about how quickly they grow up and loose interest in these small wonderful little moments.. I bet It really has changed a lot in a short space of time, no wonder you get all sentimental haa I tots would be too xx

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