The Ordinary Moments 2016 #40 – A Quiet Day At Grandma’s

I was surprised by how little we did this half term, especially as I was very eager to have the kids home again and get out on some autumnal adventures and museum visits. I imagined a fun packed week cramming in days out all over the place and gallivanting around Yorkshire together, but it wasn’t like that at all.

Whilst we did enjoy a day at the pumpkin patch midweek with friends, and a walk last weekend as a family, the majority of the “half term week” has been taken up chilling out together and not doing anything really at all very memorable. I think it was plain to see early on that whilst excited to be off school for a few days, and with every intention of having an adventurous week, both of them are still adjusting to the demands of school life and just welcomed a rest from any type of schedule as opposed being flung into a packed week.

And so with that, and when given the choice, they opted for a movie day and wander around town before making plans later in the week to meet up with cousins at Grandma’s (And when I say plans I mean we just all flocked on the same day – there was no real plan)! It turned out to be one of my favourite days though, it was nothing special just a quiet play day at Grandma’s. An opportunity for my kids to catch up with their cousins and for us all to enjoy some time with family.


Ethan enkoyed a few hours out to celebrate his birthday with his grandma, whilst Megan played and I caught up, shopped briefly, and chatted at lengths about all sorts with my sister in laws. During all of this there were a couple of moments that caught my eye and that made my heart feel all warm inside…moments that made me happy for cousins! The 1st was when I heard little Megs discussing death and heaven with 2 of her cousins – their simple yet passionate perspective on the subject and what it meant to loose a sister and Grandpa was very very sweet. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw her sat so seriously and saw each of them so deep in thought.
The next moment was a little more trivial but equally as sweet, and it was when they all giggled together as one suggested the idea to build the track around the sleeping baby…

20161028_125138 20161028_125257

I have spoken before on the bonds and love my kids have with and for each one of their cousins, and I love how excited they get to see them. I love the moments where they laugh together or share whats in their little souls plainly displaying the trust and friendships the have. And I love quiet and chilled days at grandma’s where they are able to create these ordinary moments to look forward to next time.. moments like having a pancake breakfast together, followed by the ordinary moments of tractors in the garden, den building, mess making, drawing around grandma’s table, stealing nuts, building train tracks and watching “Shaun the sheep”!

Half term wasn’t anything particularly adventurous this time but it was a welcomed rest spent with special people, and as they have a bonus day off tomorrow we are all excited to see their other cousins and grandparents for lots more chats and chilled out family fun.


  1. October 31, 2016 / 10:49 pm

    Hurrah for Grandma’s house! and I loved it when Alice just dropped off to sleep on the floor! What a star!!!!!

  2. November 1, 2016 / 8:06 am

    I think we all need some downtime at half term and there’s nothing wrong with quiet days and movies! Love days like that, although I had the opposite over the holidays as I worked and had my In laws to visit! Definitely doing movies this weekend 🙂 x

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