The Ordinary Moments 2016 #37 – Alice’s Blessing Day

Tonight my heart is filled with so much joy after a wonderful day that brought together our family and friends, and with lots of food we celebrated our little Alice Grace. It was her blessing day; an ordinary moment in our church (and lives for that matter), a moment that when our babies are usually in their early months they are brought before the congregation and given a name and blessing. It is a significant moment in our babies small lives and something we will remember for the rest of their lives as a special day. I guess its our equivalent to a christening, but either way it is something very special and spiritual to each us and is always a joyful and beautiful day.

20161009_192345 (1)

I have longed for a baby blessing for what seems like so long now and never imagined 2 years ago when we lost Poppy that I would be having one so soon down the road. I distinctly remember the pain that came from those moments I watched others bless their sweet babies, and whilst happy for them it was hard too. I remember the moments I pondered on Ethan and Megan’s blessing days and how again it was something we never had for our 3rd child Poppy. I even remembered how I had the awkwardness of returning the dress I had bought for her blessing in hope she would get to wear it, but never did. And so because of those experiences today felt all the more special. It was such a contrast of emotions to that which I had felt at other blessings and I just kept feeling so grateful all day for this moment together, and that it was finally our turn!

Having Alice in our lives is sheer delight and brings an increase in love to our home! Of course we have the normal sleepless nights and hazy days, but she lifts my soul on a daily basis, and so as her mother it was a wonderful moment today to be able to dress her in her special little white dress (the one I made her) and soak up her little smiles and happiness. I was aware I had lost this with her sister but my main feelings were that of being grateful that I had another opportunity with her. It was then so lovely going off to church as a family knowing today was all about celebrating her presence in our family; the joy she is, the healing she has brought, the bonds with her siblings, and the opportunity to ponder on what she will be and continue to bring into our lives. I wondered briefly in all of this if she really knew that today was her day and that so many had been brought together in her honour? I wonder if she realises how amazing and special she is? And I wonder if she knows how much happiness she brings to all who know her?

IMG_20161009_094811Either way it was an absolutely beautiful (and fun) day gathered with family and friends…catching up, reminiscing, joking and just enjoying life together. We had an amazing spread and the atmosphere was light and happy. I looked around at everyone on several occasions and just felt happy and blessed to be with them all. I was thankful for family, for friends who had travelled, for local friends who have always been there and for my special little family. It brought home how different life feels now, how much happiness has been restored despite the mixed emotions of not having this with Poppy, and what a truly special little girl Alice is in our family. Of course we are still dealing with Poppy’s loss and will continue to throughout life, of course we miss her on family occasions and wish she could be here with her little sister on special days like this, But despite all of that in the background today was kind and today was lovely.

I just love these moments in life so much, when we have reason to celebrate one another with one another, and I love that Alice not only brings such happiness on a day to day basis but that because of her we were able to enjoy the day with so many of our amazing family and friends. I kicked my heels off long before the day was over and now go to bed rather tired from it all, but I assure you I go oh so very happy and grateful for an incredibly wonderful ordinary moment that was Alice’s blessing day!




  1. October 10, 2016 / 6:27 am

    Beautiful post and wow it looks like such a wonderful day filled with so much love, happiness (& amazing food!) I’m truly sorry for your loss of Poppy, I can’t imagine how it feels, but also what an amazing blessing for you all to have Alice in your lives, your little rainbow. Xx

  2. October 10, 2016 / 6:54 pm

    This beautiful post brought tears to my eyes – it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Alice is beautiful, I think you are so brave lovely. Enjoy every second of your beautiful baby and know that Poppy will be smiling down on you all. Sending love x

  3. October 14, 2016 / 8:51 pm

    What a beautiful post Mary and how gorgeous does Alice look on her special day. How amazing is the cake too. I love the photo of everybody together at the end, what amazing memories for you and your special little girl x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Falling in love with shoe shopping thanks to HotterMy Profile

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