The Ordinary Moments 2016 #30 – Grandma’s Garden

One of the highlights of this week was the morning we spent in Grandma’s Garden! To many that may not sound like anything spectacular, but for us, whilst rather an ordinary moment, was great… it always is fun and special too as Nathans mum has one of the best and most adventurous gardens I’ve seen. It offers a multitude of activities for all of her grandchildren and whatever their ages they all enjoy being present in the garden.


I love when we are over, whether by ourselves or with the whole family, to sit either on the lawn or patio and watch my children having lots of fun in the various areas and hearing them chatter, laugh and play. Sometimes its hide and seek, other times chasing chickens or debating whose turn it is on the mini tractors. They occasionally steal tomatoes from the greenhouse and have on occasion been found to break a window or ornamental plant pot between them all. When they are not up to no good or on an adventure, their grandma loves to get our the tools and put them to work..planting, weeding and teaching them about the various plants and seasons along the way.
This week they started the day off in the veggie patch and working hard in the morning sun they both helped their grandma weed, harvest berries and broad beans and then plant the next round of potatoes. I wandered around a little, helped to pick here and there, but it was apparent that this was a moment for them to share with grandma, so I took a step back! She teaches them about plants and veggies, the various things we will eat and enjoy and she gives them ample opportunity to work hard and what each tool is for. It a wonderful sight to see them understand work and where our food comes from. Its wonderful to see them with their grandma doing something that has become so ordinary but always a great moment!

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By the afternoon the sun was beaming down and it was time for some well earned fun, which as I said usually includes playing on bikes and tractors or exploring the little wooded area at the end, but this visit held a surprise and treat…a new venture to tackle in Grandma’s garden that was a little less ordinary, it was “The water slide”!!
Their Aunt set it up and they spent ages slipping, sliding, laughing, water fighting and just having a grand old time in the sun. Grandma and I sat laughing at them and talking on deck chairs being splashed occasionally, but it really was a great day for us all.

I remember visiting my grandparents and helping pick carrots in the garden, I remember we had particular films we would watch and things we would play too..meals I always got excited about when grandma would make them. They are wonderful memories, and when I watch Ethan and Megan around their grandma and late grandpa too, when I see them take to their ordinary activities every time we visit I know they are the seeds of special moments and memories to look back on and forward to each time they visit. I love to see them work along side her, help her and share these moments with her and their cousins too. This garden has seen parties, wedding receptions and been the backdrop for many of our wedding pictures, but despite those things, it never tires of the fun it holds for a host of grandchildren making memories at their grandparents! I know it will be but still I always hope that visiting grandma’s home and garden will always be something great to look forward to.


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  1. October 1, 2016 / 11:34 am

    I am trying help my kids stay away with laptop, ipad, TV. It is great idea to enjoy in garde with our kids.
    Thanks for sharing ! .

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