The Ordinary Moments 2016 #27 – Megan Graduates Pre School and Nathan University

It has been a running joke in our little family recently that Megsie would be graduating before daddy, and last weekend she just beat him to the post as she had her little “gradulation” ceremony! It was a nice morning spent as a family to be there at her cute little graduation for her Montessori Pre school and I could hardly believe that it had been a whole year since we were there for Ethan. It was nice to see her with her class mates, her cheeky smile and little outfit. I especially loved that she was described as “A big personality with a big appetite” and as we laughed our heads off with the rest of the parents, we both knew deep down it was absolutely spot on and the perfect way to sum her up!
I found out that she tells them regularly that she wants to be a farmer when she grows up “so she can have lots of pets” and is naturally tender with the resident rabbits! Though she acts like she doesn’t remember anything to us, she is clued up on her continents, which animals come from where and her maths skills are pretty impressive too.


When Megan was born, it never really crossed my mind, nor hasn’t it until this last year or so with where their birthdays fall, that her and Ethan are only one school year apart. The more I ponder on this and observe their interactions and Megans excitement to follow him to “big school”, when I see them want to do everything together and hear their private chats as they sit playing in their room together, I realise how truly lovely this small gap is! I am sad that our Montessori chapter is now closed, as I have learnt to just love everything about their approach and techniques, but thankfully I am not worried about Megan starting full time school like I was with Ethan – Rather I am excited for her. Of course it helps some that I know the parents and school now and that her brother and little buddy will be next door. I like to know that their paths will certainly cross at lunch time, in assembly and other school events and that I can attend and watch them both now in their achievements and experiences. But mostly I look at her and honestly feel she is ready for new challenges, settings and people to meet. I am excited for her to take her “big personality” and conquer all of these new things, learn much and build friendships. She is so kind, funny, crazy and has lots to give, that I just know after the initial awkwardness she always displays, she will settle well and do just fine!


It was just as lovely (and a little more exciting) to witness Nathan graduate too just 5 days later. It was obviously way more official and meant far more to our family than that of becoming of age to move on to full time school, but we let Megs at the tender age of 4 believe hers was just as huge! I certainly felt such a sense of pride at my husbands accomplishments and as I sat with his mum, all of us i’m sure aware that his Dad too would have loved to have shared in this moment, we just both felt so happy to be able to celebrate this major step with him. 4 years of sacrifice, graft and madness paid off and he is already settling into his new job…life opening up to a new chapter for him and for us all.

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I look at these 2 special days and I think how exciting it is in life that whatever age you are you can feel the self pride that comes from being recognised for commitment and hard work and that through things like graduations, you can have an opportunity to celebrate the end of one chapter as you step into the next. These moments will be treasured and remembered for a very long time and they most certainly will remind us of the work and commitment we all put in for greater things for our family…they will remind us of changing seasons and new adventures and supporting each other through out them.

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  1. July 19, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    Aw Mary this is such a lovely post and a huge well done to Nathan and Megan for this week. What an exciting chapter for your lovely family, and I cannot believe Megan heads off to school in September. You look absolutely gorgeous in your black dress, you lovely lady x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…The Summer Holidays 2016 – Bring it onMy Profile

  2. August 30, 2016 / 9:01 am

    But not any of those thankfully this week. We had Alice s last preschool meeting on Monday with her teacher and it was so really lovely to hear her talk about Alice and how she has developed over the last year. Another teacher even popped in to tell me a funny story about Alice that had happened that day and how much she is going to miss her. It s those moments that I feel like my heart is going to burst out of chest and I really have to hold the tears in. Because when someone talks about my little girls so fondly it really does melt my heart and make me proud to be their mummy.

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