The Ordinary Moments 2016 #19 | Animals & Ice creams

I am currently laid up trying to fight off some flu type virus that is plaguing my life. I really am aware in this pregnancy of how grateful I am usually for good health to just get on and be a busy bee, and how that make you feel both generally in yourself and in being able to help you be a good parent and wife. I feel utterly useless and exhausted, and haven’t really been up to a whole lot other than “resting” and a scan yesterday, and certainly haven’t had the energy to be able to look at a screen for very long.

As I lay in and out of conciousness, disturbed by sneezes and coughing fits, I keep coming back to and remembering last Thursday, the day this all began and the moment when I had to cut our outing short because I suddenly felt chills and weakness in my body. It wasn’t a particularly huge day we had planned, quite the opposite really, it was a day like most of our others and one that to most would seem quite ordinary. It was more of a simple and beautiful day spent with Megs at a local ice cream place, playing in the sun and seeing the animals.
We have noticed that her weekly request, whatever the weather is, is always to go the farm and see the animals. She just loves to be around animals and she beams when in their presence. Our ordinary on our days together now, especially with the lush weather we have been blessed with, has been numerous ice creams, parks and farm visits, and the combination of the 2 leave us both feeling happy and content (and quite tired) and I feel like these small, simple adventures are just the perfect pace at this stage in life.
Her life really is one of simplicity and where happiness seems to flow easy, I guess that’s the case for most 3 year olds. When I look at her some days though, I realise she can teach me so much about enjoying life and being carefree. I really have being having a lot of fun with her, especially more recently as she seems to listen better and cooperate and is so much more chilled. I love that we can do the same things each week and she loves it as much as the 1st time because it seems to be what she is passionate about. I REALLY appreciated last week that she was so accommodating on her day out to understand that Mummy wasn’t well and cut short her play time; though she had already seen the animals, played on a bouncy slide and had her ice cream, so she probably thought she had gotten her moneys worth!!!
I certainly cannot wait for my body to fight this virus and return to an okay level of health once more so that we can get back out to enjoying our days together in the sun (hopefully), indulging in ice cream, playing, exploring and loving the animals that surround our local area at various farms. I am loving this simple pace and the ordinary moments we are sharing together in this season.

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  1. May 11, 2016 / 10:21 am

    I love that last photo of her, what an amazing ice cream! I hope you are feeling better and it does sound like she had fun even if you had to cut the day short, I love seeing things through a child’s eyes and realising what simple pleasures they have. Hope you’re getting chance to rest this week and you’ll be back out exploring before you know it xx

  2. May 15, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Ah Mary so sorry to hear you are poorly – it always makes me feel guilty when I’m unwell and can’t do as much as I can with my girls but ultimately the most important things that us Mums can do is get fully better.Great pictures and Megs is so gorgeous xx

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