The Ordinary Moments 2016 #15 | Muddy Knees and Tree Swings

There are 2 things specifically this week that I have seen with Ethan and Megs that have made me go to bed that night smiling and feeling content, and thinking that whilst some things can be a struggle, they are experiencing a full childhood of fun and adventure and very much in line with the type of fun and mad things both myself and Mr Smith did as kids and it is that that I just think is great.
This week for us has been the 1st week of the school holidays and we have spent it meeting up with friends and family, avoiding the house so Mr Smith can study and generally being out exploring woods, beaches (and ravines apparently).

Ethan was over the moon to have his first experience on a tree swing, and despite me stood in a river in my best boots, I couldn’t help but be excited with him as I remembered how absolutely amazing it feels to find a bonus swing when out and about on a walk and then to feel the thrill of swinging over a stream or river high up in the trees. An ordinary yet wonderful moment for a child.
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This is what my kids thrive on and something I just adore to see, from the scenery to hearing them shout and just be kids. I love to look at them inventing expeditions and embracing their surroundings. I absolutely love to see the kids on adventures and exploring and see them off in the outdoors muddy and loving life with one another and friends and cousins and then bathing them in bubbles that night and making them all clean and snuggly knowing they will be exhausted from all of the fun as they crawl into bed that night.
Its great to see their little muddy knees and I personally think it is a childhood must and a symbol of fun and adventure…At least I do when we have prepared for it.
Whilst having a whale of a time this week, on several occasions we have also been caught out, when a gentle stroll along the path ended in rambling up previously said ravines (not so easy for a pregnant woman) and scooter rides turned into practically swimming in a river! These things are things that my sisters and I always did as kids and so know that they certainly make childhood and life exciting. But they are the things that as a parent now make me moan a little and flinch. The issue is not the activity, I love that part, but I struggle when our attire is not appropriate and they aren’t dressed for the activity…Needless to say some things went straight into the bin!
Despite these moments where cautious mummy took over and pleaded with them not to go in the river in white tights and a buzz light year costume, just as they tripped on a mossy rock and fell into it. Or when I tried to explain that the muddy banking in pink joggers probably wasn’t the best choice, right as Megs slid down it on hands and knees laughing, I cannot escape the fact that we have had an amazing time and made lovely memories. The kids have had an exhausting, yet wonderful time and I have learnt that with these crazy kids of mine they will always end up with muddy knees whatever I put them in and wherever we go…its just their ordinary and moments that make me look back on happy and content.
I realised and learnt this week that Sometimes as parents we need to just go with it and love that they are loving life and embracing the beautiful world as we have taught them to. I personally need to remember that in a few hours they can easily be washed, clothes laundered or binned and all of us happily heading to bed after hours of fun. These days won’t last forever and as it is in these moments where we all gain the most, smile the most, laugh the most and feel invigorated. Part of being a parent is to just let them make the most of each day, doing what they love and just remember to pack spares so it isn’t an issue!



  1. mummydaddyme
    April 10, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    Gosh what a beautiful place you live to have these places on your doorstep. The rope swing looks so much, my eldest would love that. And that first photo is beautiful. I agree with you that this is what childhood is all about, just having fun and being carefree. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, we go back on Tuesday. 🙁 x

  2. April 11, 2016 / 10:15 pm

    Mary! How amazing do these places look? Where are those waterfalls? and how brilliant is E on that swing? What a dare devil! He looks so high up!.Childhood bliss! Mary xxx

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