The Ordinary Moments 2016 #14 | A New Nephew and cousin

For some people being given a niece or nephew is a rare or even non existent thing in life. Sometimes they live so far apart from family or just aren’t close with their siblings that the news comes as yes something wonderful, but doesn’t have the hugest impact on life as they rarely see one another. For us however, our families are large and mostly Yorkshire based, and even for the ones who don’t live particularly close, we see each other very regularly, and with this we naturally get to know our nieces and nephews quite well, our kids become best friends and are always utterly excited to see one another. So when anyone has a new baby we have the pleasure of meeting them pretty soon on!
InstagramCapture_6943c72b-843a-4cc3-bca2-78658f6138c3I am fortunate enough to have been an aunt now for 6.5 years to an ever increasing family, and the arrival of each one never ceases to amaze me of how wonderful the news is, how instant the love feels and how incredibly blessed our family feels to have them here in it. Nathan and I now, as of Easter Sunday, have 13 nieces and Nephews, all under 7 and no where near been the final head count. We had the privilege of meeting number 13 on Friday; born to my sister in law (and amazing blogger at Insideoutandabout) and was the greatest gift of new life after the 2 hard goodbyes we have had over the last year and a half.

I wasn’t as worried about seeing him as I thought I might with him being the 1st family baby born after Poppy and nor was I nervous like I have been with other new babies, and I put that down to being because I myself have hope again with being pregnant now and also because he is a baby boy and my nephew, so that was a relief. I was however a little nervous about holding him, with not holding such a fresh new baby since Poppy was born – I just carry a few anxieties and that scared me a little. I have felt comfortable for the past year and a half just admiring babies from a distance and then when they reach a few months old, I seem to feel more confident to touch them, talk about them and hold and coo a little. I was incredibly grateful though that before we were about to leave one of my best friends and sister in law offered a hold, with no pressure and lots of laughs about my awkwardness. She wasn’t offended either way and having been one of the 1st to visit after Poppy was born, one who sat most of that day with me, understood what I had experienced that day to feel how I did at this point. But his cute little face and the desire to hold him broke down those barriers, and whilst somewhat awkward and tense with this brief cuddle, I felt more peace and particularly since an increase of excitement for our baby to arrive.
V__8C38I since have thought so much how lovely it is to have another Nephew with gorgeous dark locks and a beautiful little face. I loved hearing all about his arrival and how it felt going to a family of 5 and being a parent too I could totally relate to the sheer joy and relief of the safe arrival of a baby. The stories told about labour and birth and how you wonder who they will be and what place they will take in the family are so wonderful to talk about despite the sadness we have when we wonder those about Poppy, but as an aunt it is a little different…I look upon their perfect little face and wonder what relationships they will hold with my kids – their cousins. What influence and example they might be… I hope that they will become their friend and confident for life. Their little holiday buddy and the one they never cease to tire of seeing. I hope they will enjoy adventures in childhood, teens and adulthood and that they will love and look out for one another. Their cousins know how it felt to loose a grandpa, how it is to be adored by grandma and be spoilt. They were there to release balloons on their sisters birthday to heaven, and are the key to much fun and laughter when the family get together.
12510353_10153812148488828_5517673928049729976_n 11647305_10153040670603507_117609050_n10252176_10155809807985089_4189302627831421543_n10600603_10153612207071553_5144237391427546435_nMy sister in laws 1st born and Megs are pretty much the same time frame apart as this new little man and our expectant girly will be, and as I look at their relationship, imaginative play and adventures they enjoy right now, it makes me excited that we have another chapter to look forward to in raising children and cousins together. I am so blessed to have family close, with patience and understanding for my emotions and for fun and laughter together. I am happy we all share the same values and beliefs, and whilst we all parent in our own ways, I know our kids are in good hands and will have excellent friends for life and many trips and adventures to look forward to together.
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  1. mummydaddyme
    April 3, 2016 / 5:00 pm

    I do envy your lovely big family Mary, ours is very small with me just having my sister and Mr E having his brother and even though he is older and she is younger, neither have children yet. Thats one big desire for me to have three children, so they can have what they are sort of missing out with with cousins if that makes sense. I have cousins but I was the oldest by far in my family by ten years so we aren’t close at all now.
    I am glad that you managed to feel peaceful and at ease holding your new nephew- he is gorgeous. Not long till that will be your baby in your arms. xx

  2. April 5, 2016 / 12:25 pm

    Cousins are the most amazing friends for life, it’s lovely that your children have so many! My kids have 3 so far, but I am one of 5 and Carl is one of three, so I’m sure there will be lots more on their way over the years to come. You’re totally right about cousins being there to share all the same joy and pain, family is an amazing thing. I’m glad that your little nephew has helped to heal you a little bit more x

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