The Ordinary Moments 2016 #13 | Embracing the Season

My sister in law passed some clothes on to me yesterday, most of which came from Megs at 12-18 months old and my goodness me, I was not prepared for the emotions of looking through those and remembering her so small; in Spain, toddling on the beach, at the park…summer at 1 yrs old. It all seems a life time a go now she is approaching 4, but these little tops, leggings, dungarees and play suits just brought it all back and I realised just how much has changed in such a short window of time. I thought about how much this little baby girl has grown up into a big girl filled with passion and awareness, humour and an energy and love for life. I felt a real weight in my heart that another little girl had missed out on wearing them and that we had missed many adventures with her and that latter thought prevented me taking back too many of them. But the ones I did pop in my bag are lovely and useful and reminded me of a great summer and more to be had, made me excited to connect a big sister to her new baby, and create new memories with them.
I feel like these 2 are growing up and changing so quickly, even the seasons and years are passing us by at what seems like such a rapid rate, so I especially love moments where we can just be, where we can explore the world and enjoy it together. Walk and talk, laugh and embrace all each season has to offer us. That hasn’t always been an easy task, but our endurance has enabled it more naturally again now, and I feel I can see a little clearer and appreciate more things.. How glorious was the weather on Friday? Didn’t it just feel like “ahhhh Spring is here at last”? I absolutely loved it and being out and about with my little chicks, sun glasses on and no coat – it was blissful and lovely that something I had written in my diary for the last few weeks, panned out how I hoped and brought about a lovely time for us and a real opportunity to embrace the season and appreciate everything about it.
InstagramCapture_179841d7-c16d-415e-a192-a9c7ade4d800I took them to our local National Trust spot for an Easter egg hunt, walk and play, and of course a cheeky ice cream. Whilst we always do an egg hunt on the Sunday morning at Grandmas house, this year I just felt like I wanted to build the excitement a little more – I wanted to make the most of a day off school and I wanted to get out and about with them both in nature and soak up Spring after the dreadful weather of winter. Those clothes reminded me of something huge and that is that chapters quickly pass and in few months life will not look this way, these 2 will both be in school full time, we will have a new baby to find a new routine with and days like this will become more of a weekend/school holiday thing as oppose to our every day ordinary.

I think that’s why I noticed how it really felt like old times when E was home full time and we weren’t bound by school runs, and that part was wonderful. It was lovely to see the changes in conversation and the excitement that came with age and therefore more awareness of the season from them both and I certainly enjoyed his presence on our adventures again and hearing his insights and seeing he and Megan loving being together with racing imaginations and energy.
I loved how eager they were to enjoy with me Spring and its message of new life, sunshine, beauty, and just soak it all up. How great to have a window of opportunity to enable us to be back out wandering and embrace this season before it passes into a memory.
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  1. mummydaddyme
    March 27, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    It was such lovely weather on Friday wasn’t it? And there is nothing like those baby clothes to make you feel nostalgic. We just cleared out our loft of baby girl clothes as obviously we no longer need them, and even though I am having another baby, I felt so emotional and sentimental for the fact that I was getting rid of them,. This is such a lovely post and you have written a lot about how I am feeling at the moment myself. x

  2. Carie
    March 27, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    Aww what a lovely post (and a fabulous Easter egg hunt)! My sister and I have a travelling wardrobe of baby clothes so I can look at Pip in some outfits and remember the girls and my nephew in them and I’m note sure we’ll ever be able to get rid of them – there are just too many memories!

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