The Ordinary Moments 2017 #11 – A Princess for the night

I am not by any means a Disney fanatic, but do find joy in the majority of their films and (really love) their music. My 2nd child however is…anything princess, character, dress up and cheese fest, and she’s all over it. I tried when she was little to steer her away from all of this, but you can’t change who someone is, and she is most definitely a princess at heart. She has attitude, strong will and oozes with girly twirls, sparkles and dress up! She asks weekly if she can visit the princess castle, has several more costumes on her birthday wish list and understandably went absolutely nuts this last weekend when she had the opportunity to be a princess for the night for Disney on Ice!

After a tough week, I welcomed the opportunity to hang out with Megan one on one because she is funny, kind and her attitude always makes me laugh. She lives in a little bit of a fantasy world most of the times and it is just beautiful childhood innocence which means when spending time with her you easily get pulled along into the role plays and imagination and it is guaranteed fun and smiles!

We received the tickets from the hospice, that were gifted to them. It meant that we also had a “VIP Box”, and really felt extra special. Megan was on cloud 9 kitted out as a princess for the night and lapping up the wonderful atmospheres for Disney and their magic on the ice! We shared a special moment that couldn’t have come at a better time as we missed out little Poppy on mother’s day, and it was just lovely to connect and bond over something she loves so much…the evening was spectacular from start to finish. We loved the music, the incredible talents, costumes and props. It felt so special and exciting and we mostly couldn’t hold back from singing along!

As well as a beautiful moment with my little girl right before mothers day, she taught me a great lesson when she told me “there are no best Princesses…you know…I like them all the same because they’re all Princesses the same together”! What a great lesson for life, whether mothers, daughters, sisters or women in general… there are no best Princesses amongst us, for we are all the same in our kingdoms!

I love this special little girl bursting with independence and attitude, her outlook on things and being wrapped up in our ordinary moments together of princessy, girly fun… I hope this phase lasts a long time, its so joyful.

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. March 31, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    It looks like she has life lessons nailed. If she’s that young but that wise she is going to go far. What a thoroughly beautiful girl you have there – inside and out x
    Donna recently posted…Me & Mine {March 2017}My Profile

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