Whilst frosty fields, log fires and twinkly Christmas light are all very pretty and lovely, they are not enough to make me love Winter! I have realised this year that I don’t like feeling cold and damp. Whilst Winter holds many pretty scenes, delicious hot chocolates, adventures and Christmas – it is still is not my fave, and I would much rather be somewhere warm and sunny rocking my sandals and sunglasses!

I do however like Winter fashion – the whole ankle boots and knitwear ensemble, with a pair of jeans or trousers (or leggings/skirts) is so easy each day and more often than not, a pure winner! I love wearing my wellies with an nice chunky jumper and feeling all warm and toasty as we head out to school. Yes, I have realised I am not a huge winter fan, but with all of the lovely knitwear around at this time of year, it is enough to sway me out!

I have several favourite knitwear pieces in my wardrobe right now, and more recently these have grown to include a beaut of a Zebra print one and a cobalt blue roll neck one – both £13 from Primark, and both really lovely gifts from Mr Smith! I really like how “me” they both are and how snug I feel when wearing them. They are an absolute bargain (as are a lot of the stuff in Primark) and I especially love the long sleeves and length of the blue one (which I know they also have in Green and Red – hello Christmas)!

I like the fluffiness of the zebra one, the fact it’s zebra, and the discreet yellow trim around the higher neck collar. I found that it was so chilled with black skinny jeans and high top trainers the other day for school runs, college and general mum life!

Knitted jumpers are most definitely a winner for me right now!

With this new love of knitwear, I have been keen to see what else is out there (you know, to help me survive the winter!) and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover so many lovely jumpers on the market this season that are totally fab and totally me – wild, vibrant, stylish and chill! I just wanted to share them with you, either as inspo for this season, or generally just to appreciate how lovely they all are!

First up is Topshop – The red and gold is a firm favourite and is currently £39 | The Green Fairisle one is cool but more pricey at £59.00

Next up – ASOS! Asos have so many fantastic jumpers, it was like being a kid in a candy shop scrolling through their site. I also love that most of them are under £25/£30 too, so very affordable! I managed to narrow it down though to these 2 beauts for my wish list. The black and yellow one is quirky and cool | I also really love this rainbow oversized one which is only £25 – who doesn’t want to be rocking that on a dark, damp, wintery day!?

I find that H&M are great for plain jumpers and I have 3 from there that I like, that I have previously bought in sales. However, this season, I am loving this striped one too – its a bargain for only £14.99

New Look isn’t often at the top of my list of shops to go to, but I do occasionally find a few real gems in there too. I am loving this black and white pom pom jumper at the moment – it is £19.99

And then finally ZARA! Zara have some great slogan sweatshirts I have my eye on at the moment, but knitwear wise… this embellished number that is somewhat out of my price range is so gorgeous! Its limited edition and £49.99. I really love it!

I didn’t even look at BooHoo or Shein – both of which I know will probably have more wonderful and bargainous knitwear pieces, but for now I am loving colourful and patterned knits to help me survive theses freezing damp days!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen me last week sporting my latest wardrobe addition – a new red animal print dress from Zara. I got it as a surprise gift from Mr Smith for my recent birthday and it’s safe to say that I absolutely LOVE it (he did really well this year)! I was so surprised that he chose something so perfect for me, stylish and also something I am so happy with – it was both exciting and lovely.

Animal print of course is a big trend this Autumn and as someone who adores both colour and animal print, I couldn’t be happier to see it everywhere (I only wish I had more cash flow). I especially love the red animal print mash up and have for a while wanted something in that look. I love the primark polo neck top that has flooded Insta and hoped for that, or something similar to add to my wardrobe. SO, of course when I opened this dress on my birthday I was genuinely grateful and made up!

This dress ticks all the boxes for me; It is comfy and easy to wear, modest and on point. I love the high neck, the below knee.mid calf length and the full sleeves for cool days. The boldness of the colour with the print suits me well and I really like it too – in my opinion it just looks fab and was this aspect of this dress that made me instantly love it.

It is a really flexible dress to wear, which makes it a great investment and addition to my wardrobe. I like that it can be dressy with ankle boots or heels, or casual with leggings/over Jeans. Initially I wore it with black opaque tights and black mules for a chilled yet smart look on remembrance Sunday, but I already plan to wear it with my heeled ankle boots, or with leggings and trainers too. The fact that it’s red means it has the addes bonus of being festive too with the right accessories on a Christmas do!

It’s safe to say you need one too!

This dress is available now in Zara – its a bargain at £17.99 and also comes in other colours and prints too (if you want something more toned down but still on trend!). I am wearing a medium and it fits really well for someone who is a UK 12!

Thanks Mr Smith – I love my new bright red animal print Zara dress of dreams!

Not a sponsored or collaborative post – just sharing the love! 


If you didn’t know already, ZARA is absolutely (without a doubt) one of my favourite shops to buy stuff from for myself! Next to H&M it makes me so happy to browse in, wish for and their jeans fit me the best (along with H&M), out of all of the high street stores (isn’t it funny how different we all are?)! Yes Zara is a huge gorgeous love of mine!

Of course then it’s no surprise that I leap for joy whenever there is a seasonal sale! Their sales are always amazing, with many a bargain to be had on many lovely things, and their recent Spring/Summer 18 Sale was no different.

My budget this year was minimal – like almost non existent! So I stuck to shopping online so that I could be in more control. Money is rather tight at the moment so I had to be very selective, but as I just really wanted a couple of new tops to brighten up my wardrobe, I avoided looking outside of that (and the dresses)!

Red Stripe Top – 

The first thing I added was this cool, retro feel top! I loved the bold colours and stripes, long sleeves for the Autumn, and generally just felt like it was me! It was £3.99 from £17.99 and feels a little bit like an old school football top! It will be great with both boots and pumps!

Crazy Shiny Top – 

Next up is this top, and quite possible my new fave! It is a mix of beautiful colours, with a shine through for added measure and looks great with most of my jeans! I like that it’s comfy but looks a bit posh too. A bargain at £3.99 from £17.99!

The Granny dress! 

I call this my Granny dress and it makes me very happy to own!! I actually picked this one up in store when I went to get a gift for someone last week! It was only £5.99 and I love everything about it – the colour mix, the crazy sleeve details and style, and the fact it’s midi length, modest and perfect for church!

I wore it last sunday with pink heeled sandals and pink tassel earrings for a posho church look, but I know it will also look good with my white pumps or silver mules for a more chilled out look too!

I also bought another yellow dress for £5.99 from £25.99 (which I loved) but unfortunately the fabric causes it to cling in the most awkward of places and it looked dreadful. So yeah, it’s sadly a goodbye to that one!

I love these bonus extras to my wardrobe and love what massive bargains they were too – I look forward to wearing them regularly! I was extra good too as I sent a selection of tops and a dress to the charity shop yesterday so as to avoid a hoarding situation occurring – Mr Smith was most shocked!

Did you find any good Sale pieces this time round? Where do you like to shop?


This week has been all about the sales, and one of those where my diary was pretty bare on Monday, and yet each day has been busy busy with fun and lovely things, adventures and chats. The highlight for Alice was when her best-mate cousin (the only one her height and age so of course instant buddy) showed up on Tuesday and together we all (myself, Grandma and some of my sister in laws and kids) ended up having a cheeky pizza express lunch out. It was great, tasty, and a final opportunity to hang out with our newest of Nephews, little “Wesley” before he went back home after a few days visit with mummy to see us all! This was also a rather bargainous visit as students get 40% off on Tuesday’s (maybe Wednesday’s too) with an NUS card – so if you know any students take them along like we do!!!!

Wednesday we enjoyed a lovely visit to the seaside again, but this time to meet up with my longest of friends from School. Last year she too had a baby girl (her first), and now that we are back in the area, we have high hopes of them being friends for life too! She is one of those of people that no matter how much time passes or what path life takes you on, you always just pick up and it feels like yesterday! I always enjoying talking with her because its chilled and she has known me for so long I can say anything without judgement. The sun wasn’t what we hoped but a great day despite.

You may have noticed that most places have their mid-season sales on now, and this weeks bargs are mostly a result of having a “quick look”!

Zara Sale

On Thursday the Zara Sale started. If you love Zara then you will understand why this is so exciting. I had no plans so my youngest of sister in law’s drove me to school with the kids and then we headed into Hull to have a nosy! It was absolutely packed and there were so many lovely things. Some stuff is reduced a lot, others only a few pounds, but its definitely worth scouting out!

I tried on so many things and really wanted to buy some culottes but they just don’t look good with my sparrow legs! In the end I just bought a gorgeous striped number with embroided detail on the shoulder. Its a good all rounder and was £9.99 from £15.95. Stripes and colour – very me! I will probably go back again in a couple of weeks for one last look as they usually lower it all again then…of course there is always the risk of your size not being there.

Tesco Sale

Again another clothing sale, this time Tesco. They too have some lovely things in at the moment and I was pleased to find me a white top with frill bottom for £3 from £10. I like it because it’s dressy but also chill.


Sliders are everywhere at the moment and most useful for being at the pool (holiday’s of course) and beach. I was still undecided whether or not I wanted to embrace this trend, but when I saw some awesome hologram Schuh ones for £3.50 in the charity shop on Saturday I had to have them.

They were incredibly comfy and useful at the beach over the weekend, and are most definitely my most comfiest shoe! I wear them most days and are convenient to pop on in the garden too.

Finally with being at Grandma’s, we are fortunate to be able to have access to her vegetable garden. We haven’t had to buy strawberries this week as she has loads for the taking – ripe and ready! The kids love picking them and they’ve been lovely with Greek Yogurt…So yes, I’d say that that is the ultimate frugality of the week (and you can’t get fresher than garden to bowl in 2 mins)!!