We bought our house about 4.5 years ago – we live in a 3 bed back to back terrace which is nothing glam but we’re south facing, have a reasonable sized garden, big rooms and its OURS! Of course I would love nothing more than to have a hallway and dining room but its a sacrifice you make for your hubs to study and to invest in the future. We both loved the house when we bought it, but now we are ready for a change and this home holds some sad memories and lacks the space we both would like. I don’t really know why, I guess its money but we have done very little in the way of decorating and home improvements in the last 4 years or so.

We painted the kitchen shortly after moving in and the made over the lounge last year, shortly after that we bought a second hand corner sofa and some more storage. I recently added some home made cushions to it and I am very content to be able to say it now feels homely.
WP_20150413_20_22_09_Pro WP_20150413_20_22_52_Pro
These small things have caused me to want to do up some other areas of the house and add some colour and generally make it more me. Whilst we don’t have a huge excess of cash to completely redo the bathroom or Kitchen, it doesn’t cost a lot to add a little splash of colour and to have a move around/de-clutter certainly does one the world of good. Easter weekend seemed like a fine opportunity to do just that (add a splash of colour) and so on good Friday I waved off Nath and the kids for the night/Saturday and got cracking on brightening up our home in a hope to brighten life a little and make it a little more me and a little nicer to look at. I love bright things, I love colour and I wonder how I have lived for the last 4.5 years with such a dull home.

I chose a lovely yellow on offer from Wilko’s at £10/tin for the landing and bathroom 

bathroomWP_20150413_12_47_34_ProlandingI really love this family tree pic that Naths cousin made us after we lost Poppy, it has us all as owls and then there is one small owl with a halo, its so discreet but a representation of our family unit and now it has pride of place on the landing for all to see
WP_20150404_17_47_49_ProAnd teal in our room, which only cost £4 a tin whooooooppppp!!! (Again from Wilko’s)
WP_20150413_19_30_52_Pro WP_20150413_19_25_08_Pro WP_20150413_19_27_19_ProIts not perfect as I’m not exactly the best decorator, and these pics were just taken from my phone, but its deffs made a vast improvement for us and we love it. Its amazing how nice your home can look with a splash of colour and what you can do on a budget.


Go on…add some colour to your life!