If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will be very much aware that we have just had the 2nd Anniversary of loosing our daughter Poppy along with her Birthday. I always find that leading up to dates like these and again around Christmas, we seem to pass through a season that is emotionally hard and moments when I just feel teary. I am however always surprised that despite the deep sorrow and missing that goes on with in me and the sometimes lonely feelings of wondering who might get it or want to, I always see things that are given and happen for us to smile about and I accepted that last year this was now our Ordinary; the roller coaster of life, the rough and the smooth and now the Joys and sadness’s intertwined.

It was really odd that after a hard week I spent most of Friday smiling and feeling happy and it was on this day, her actual Birthday that I saw, did and received things that made me smile on an otherwise hard day. They are all little moments but things that I want to share that gave me reason to smile…

1. Cards, gifts and messages from loved ones/friends when I had wrongly assumed they had all forgot.

2. Attempting a flower arrangement for her grave and it all came together so well.

3. Being invited out for the afternoon with friends and having some laughs.

4. Meeting family at the grave.

5. Dinner prepared for us with treats and hot chocolate to follow.

6. Some sneaky fireworks found from New Yrs and my brother in laws suggesting we “send them to Poppy”.

7. A Chinese lantern found with them and sent to Poppy.

8. The kids asking to buy balloons again to send to her too.

9. Spotting a gorgeous stare between Alice and Daddy

10. Daddy throwing Megan and having so much fun

11. Realising for the 1st time all the kids were in the same place.

I am sure there were more, life is filled with seemingly ordinary things that could be overlooked, but if noticed are moments to make us smile. And I believe it is so important to count your blessings and be grateful in life, to take time to notice and acknowledge these little moments, for doing so helps maintain perspective and positiveness and turns potentially sad days into manageable, put a smile on your face kind of days!


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Whilst bed times lately have been rather stressful and tough (thank you light nights), there is always a brief moment which we all look forward to and feels calm and happy, it is Bed time story time! The kids love it, they are always so engrossed, happy and chilled. I love the nights I get to read them as I thoroughly enjoy doing an array of voices and building up the suspense! For these few minutes it always feels so lovely to be a parent!
We were recently sent a lovely little book called “The Lost Smile” from Wrigley’s Extra and the kids have been eager to read it and see what it was all about!


Wrigley’s Extra maybe the last people you would expect to be producing kids books, but according to research kids smile up to 400 times a day and many UK kids are embarrassed to because of their teeth. To help this, and what I love about this book is that it was created to help raise funds for action for children via their new “Smile Back Project”  to help give kids their smiles back through the biggest oral health campaign. It is a lovely little book about “Kyle” who notices the lack of smiles on his families faces and so sets out to find them, and this really made me think about how much kids notice our grumpy days or how sadness affects them when they are used to seeing fun, happy parents. It also draws attention to this issue that people are awkward about smiling due to the condition of their teeth!


It was easy to read and kept their attention (they were silent through out) and has lovely illustrations. The simple and easy content gave us lots to talk about and both of them loved the little adventure; Ethan’s favourite being the ‘on the moon’ pages and Megs when he made ‘lost posters’.


The lost Smile is available for purchase at £3.99 with all funds raised through its sale going towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation, but if you would like to take your chances and win a copy of this to enjoy with your kids then please enter below…

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When you read of happy things you can’t help but smile and the last few days I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers posts on the “50 things that make me happy” , its been lovely seeing some big but mostly small little things in life that bring others happiness! Esther at Inside out and about then nominated me on twitter to do the same and compiling this list has brought a lot of joy to my heart… my blog is all about looking for the good in life and  those heart warming moments, seeing beyond the difficulties and therefore I was excited to get this posted. Here goes…in no particular order, just the randomness in which I thought of them!

  1. 50 things My husband – Looking at him, talking to him, holding his hand, snuggling and generally being together…such happiness
  2. Being a mother and having a flexible lifestyle
  3. When the kids go to bed with out grief
  4. When I hear the kids being little buddies and loving each other
  5. Megan’s Laugh – so deep and full on belly laughs
  6. Ice cream
  7. Pizza – especially Pizza hut buffet or Domino’s take away
  8. Singing loudly
  9. Dancing crazy like no one is watching even when people are
  10. A lie in / sleep generally
  11. An ice cold drink on a hot day
  12. The Beach
  13. A good view
  14. Tulips
  15. Painted nails – especially shellac
  16. A fresh bed
  17. Shaven legs
  18. The smell right after rain
  19. Going to the cinema
  20. Sunsets
  21. When Nath washes up
  22. Finding people that will ask and want to talk about my loss, grief and general chat on that aspect of life without judgement ,squirming or trying to get me to feel any other way than what I am
  23. Charity shops
  24. Getting a good bargain or deal – I actually go nuts
  25. Making a good meal for people / the fam
  26. Reminiscing with family and friends – always a good time
  27. Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket
  28. Going away with Nath
  29. Visiting historic places and learning about them
  30. Crazy prints to wear
  31. New make up – especially if then it DOESNT get tampered with by kids
  32. Seeing and hearing my kids pray
  33. Getting my hair done
  34. Holidays
  35. A tidy house with everything in its place
  36. The friendships I have with ALL of my in laws – a rarity for many but they literally are my second fam and they all make me happy
  37. Buying and giving gifts to people and the anticipation
  38. The sun
  39. Great sales at my Body shop parties – hello commission!
  40. Watching a good film or Programme – in bed on my lap top or snuggled on the sofa
  41. When people bring me dinner when i’m ill
  42. Swimming with the kids, splashing, being sharks and throwing them around the pool and they’re love of water and fearless approach to it
  43. Searching for creatures in rock pools – did it with my dad and love to do it with the kids
  44. Swimming in fresh water
  45. When the kids get treats for their reward charts – I go absolutely nuts for their achievements and makes me so happy to see the little grins and excitement
  46. An uninterrupted trip to the toilet or shower
  47. Hearing the kids sing (generally but  “Let it go” is always a laugh out loud moment )
  48. Buffets
  49. Colourful clothing and fabrics
  50. Joggers and a hoody after a looooonnngggg day…
    50 collage

What makes you happy? Please comment below or compile your own list, its certainly good for the soul and adds some hearty-ness to life!