At the moment Mr Smith is working really hard at trying to shed a chunk of weight and is doing so well with it too (I am really proud of his efforts and determination). I too want to lose a few lbs for the Summer/beach days, but I am not by any means being as strict as he is. I am however supporting him in the areas that matter most and where our weak spots are, and this means changing up what we eat on our date nights!

Every Friday night we have a date night – It’s mostly ordering a pizza or curry and watching a film together, though occasionally we go out to eat or watch a film at the cinema too if we can get a sitter. I love date night and really look forward to not having to cook and just being able to chill together at the end of the week, doing something we love. Whilst we are pretty good at eating healthy most of the week, our weekend take outs aren’t the best when you want to shed a few LBs and so we have been aware for a while now that we really need to cut down on those to help Nath especially with his weight loss and save a bit of cash too. Sometimes we do really well and will buy posh, healthy ready meals from M&S or something fresh, but one thing’s for sure – we rarely cook!

This weekend though I made myself not give into the habit/desire to have a curry and instead quickly pulled together a “fakeaway” for us both! It was hard to get up and do it as I don’t particularly like cooking on date night (it doesn’t feel special to me), but as Nathan can’t really cook, unless I make something, the answer is a posho ready meal, eating out or take out! So on Friday, as we had established we didn’t want to do any of that, I ended up cooking! It wasn’t so bad though – I roasted a chicken, made some mint yogurt, chopped a salad and toasted a couple of wholemeal pitta – I presented him with “Fakeaway chicken Kebabs” and it was super tasty, fresh, low in calories, healthy and mega cheap too! We then used the leftover chicken yesterday in pesto wraps for lunch and he has been able to lose another 2lbs this week as a result!

I wasn’t keen to cook, but this creation tasted so nice I didn’t mind in the end and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Fakeaway Chicken Kebabs

This meal was so yummy and didn’t leave us with that heavy, groggy feel you sometimes get with eating a takeaway. I also love how cheap and easy it is to make, because (a) we need to be spending less and (b) by Friday I often can’t be bothered to cook! The kids had a sneaky bite before bed too, so if you are looking for a fresh Summer tea for you as a couple or to enjoy as a family, this might just hit the spot!

You will need …

Wholemeal Pitta bread (toasted)
A whole chicken Roasted (I used a piri in the bag one from Aldi – £3.99 or 1/2 price if you get there in the evening)
Salad – I used Lettuce, Red onion, cucumber, Tomatoes
Natural low fat yogurt
Mint sauce
Chilli Powder

Directions …

Roast the chicken in the oven. Whilst it cooks chop your salad and make the sauce.

For the sauce simply mix half a pot of natural yogurt with a tablespoon (or more) of mint sauce, 1/2 tsp (or more for flavour) of chilli powder and a tablespoon of sugar.

Finally toast pitta and half, and fill with cooked chicken, salad and yogurt!


I love takeout now and then I’m not gonna lie, but after how tasty, easy and cheap these were to make, and after seeing how much difference it has made to Mr Smith’s weight loss goals this week, I will be sure to make even more of an effort to make healthier dishes for our date nights – I still want a curry once a month though – maybe!



At this time of year, and especially on warmer days, I am all about eating various wrap/mexican combos for dinner! To me they give a bit of an exotic vibe to the day, as well as being fresh, cheap and quick. I am a great lover of spice and freshness, and Mexican food not only hits all of the right spots, but is mostly (provided it’s not too spicy), loved by us all as a family favourite!

Of course the main attraction for me at the table is always the salsa. I love making it homemade, to get the right kick, freshness, and coriander/citrus deliciousness, and then piling it on my dinner! Life is good when homemade salsa is in the mix!

Having lived in Arizona for a year and a half, and consequently living around Mexican and south Americans, I picked up a few culinary skills I like to show off – the ones I use the most are Quesadillas (huge family fave), and of course this simple go to salsa recipe! I thought I’d share it with you guys as it’s not only an essential to my Summers, and one of my loves in life, but quite possibly a super useful piece of knowledge for you too!

Simple Salsa 

There are so so many salsa recipes I am yet to try and discover, and this one (whilst very tasty) isn’t even my fave! It is however really quick, simple and tasty to whizz up for dinner or guests. For those reasons, it’s the one I always make, and naturally always goes down a treat. It can be made in abundance with little effort and stored several days in the fridge too!

You will need 

A tin of chopped tomatoes (More if you want lots)
A pack of Salad tomatoes
One Medium Onion (Brown)
A green Pepper
A bunch of Coriander (Cilantro)
2 lemons (or 1 lime and 1 lemon)
Fresh chillies (Usually 1/2 or 1 for mild…. more to turn up the heat)

A hand blender / Blender

1.Loosely chop onion, salad tomatoes, Pepper, chilli and coriander into a large container or food blender. 
2. Open tin of tomatoes and add to chopped veg
3. Squeeze juice of citrus over and add a few grinds of salt 
4. Blend up by hand or in Blender until fine
5. Done!!! Taste (Sometimes it may need a little more citrus)
6. Serve with fave Mexican dishes, over grilled fish, or as a dip with tortilla chips and enjoy!!!!





Is there anything more lovely than seeing kids enjoying their childhood and running wild? I just love it! I love to see my kids enjoying the outdoors, in the fresh air and running around, because not only is it a fantastic natural (and fun) form of exercise for them (and it’s free), but it makes me happy to see them letting off steam!

On the 24th of April 2018, children from across the Humber region will be getting together to participate in the Humber “GO Run For Fun” – A FREE event taking place at Hull Ionians Rugby Club, in partnership with Active Humber! It will span across 2 KM and is promised to be a fun free activity, where children can enjoy themselves and achieve something, all while taking part in physical exercise. The organisation is also providing a Health & Wellbeing Programme alongside the event to educate young children about the importance of diet and regular exercise, which I think is fantastic. 

With 21 schools taking part from across the region, including the run, a fun warm-up for the kids, and an appearance from the mascot, it looks like so much fun, and I kind of wish my kids were going to be there too (I know they would love it). 

GO Run For Fun is an organisation set up and committed to helping kids between 5 and 10 to get more active and healthy through their free running events. Their aim is that simple – get more kids running! And since starting in 2013, they have already welcomed over 200,000 young runners across their events in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Mexico and the USA.

Children’s health has been hitting UK headlines recently, with Public Health England suggesting 22.6 percent of children aged 4-5 and 34.3 percent of children aged 10-11 are overweight or obese. As a parent this is so troubling to me and we have always tried hard to help our kids be active and eat well to avoid the problems that come with kids being overweight. GO Run For Fun not only aims to deliver these fun, mass running events but, as mentioned, is also delivering a full Health & Wellbeing Programme to support the initiative. 

How we help our kids stay healthy …

We are quite an active family, who enjoy a lot of things outdoors, and so often our weekends will involve a walk of some description in nature! My kids, however have always been active and keep healthy by scootering or biking to and from school every day, by doing sporty extracurricular activities, and by us monitoring their snack/sugar intake.

We all enjoy a treat, but often at home we eat mainly vegetarian, and their main snacks after school is fruit, a wholemeal wrap with natural peanut butter, or raisins or something similar. We occasionally have crisps but I only ever buy enough that they would get them twice in the week maximum! All of our meals during the week though are fresh, cooked from scratch and mostly veggie. It’s something I really enjoy, and cooking for me is such an enjoyable thing, that we eat a wide range of foods and flavours! I find that this is not only a cheap way to eat when feeding the 5 of us, but I also find that the majority of things I make are also colourful and therefore have the healthy factor.

Just last night I made an insta-worthy dish that everyone thoroughly enjoyed (and lots of people asking for tips). It was honestly so quick, fresh, full of flavour, and healthy too, so I thought I would share it to give you a sense of some of the things we love – I present to you “Falafel with Giant couscous salad & Tzatziki sauce” – Yum!

Falafel & Giant CousCous Salad with Pitta & Tzatziki Sauce

You will need:

*Falafel (my falafel is shop bought from Tesco/Lidl and you can get them in all supermarkets. You can also step up the health factor by making your own, but my homemade ones have always been a little dry!)
*Giant Couscous
*Fresh Spinach
*Baby plum tomatoes (sliced)
*Fresh Coriander
*2 Lemons
*Wholemeal Pitta
*Greek Yogurt, Cucumber, minced garlic, dill and lemon juice for the Tzatziki (or again buy it if it’s easier)! 

For the Salad – cook and cool the giant couscous, then add a couple of handfuls of shredded spinach leaves, sliced plum tomatoes, cubed feta, and chopped coriander

Pour over the juice of 2 lemons and mix it all up well

For the Sauce (If you are making it from scratch)

Combine chopped cucumber with 2 cups plain greek yogurt, 1 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice, 4 minced garlic cloves, 1/3 cup chopped dill, 1/2 tsp salt (add more to taste) and 1/8 tsp black pepper

Then serve with warmed pitta and falafel (again cooked), and enjoy the deliciousness! 

Our Favourite Humberside spot to get some exercise…

Moving to a new area means you have both the privilege and challenge of finding new favourite spots to enjoy with the kids/as a family! Whilst we are fairly new to the East Riding/Humber region we both grew up here and have obviously visited family here too over the years. There are many places that are lovely to walk and cycle, and we especially love the coast. But one of our faves (not far from Hull City centre) would have to be The Humber Bridge Country Park!

I love that it is right on the edge of a city and yet once in there you feel worlds away! It is a nature reserve and a place where you can walk and relax together, have a picnic, play at the park, and the kids can run free or take their bikes and scooters. I also love that because it is next to the Humber Bridge, if the weather is nice you can also factor in the option of a walk or bike ride together across and back – covering an easy and fascinating 2 miles!

Helping kids to stay healthy can be such a natural and fun thing. I love to see my kids being active and enjoying the outdoors. We all love a treat, but I love that this is in moderation and they appreciate the taste and benefits of fruit and vegetables. They are always willing to try new foods, new experiences and as a result are finding things they enjoy whilst staying active and healthy!

Check out the GO Run For Fun mission statement and see if there are any areas you might be able to improve on in helping your kids and family be a little more healthy this Spring/Summer!

Ready, Steady, GO! – Run each day of the week

Bin the Sugar, Win with Water – Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Eating the Rainbow – Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day

Keeping Going and Not Giving Up – Use the word Yet when you can’t do something, be resilient, not giving up

Team Spirit – Be a team player

Improving Fitness – Be active for 60 minutes during the day


*In collaboration with GO Run For Fun