A couple of weeks ago, whilst shopping for vests and tights for the kids in Primark, I picked up 2 new slogan tees for myself. For the Bargainous price of £2.50 each it was a right deal! I love a good slogan tee to make a statement and you can’t go wrong with a price tag of £2.50.

I am quite a casual person overall and though I love my accessories and a bit of bling and sparkle, day to day I like to be chilled for busy mum life, school runs and who knows what! Slogan tees to me are a wardrobe staple – especially in warmer weather, but work well too with a chunky cardi during Autumn and Winter too. I wear them with with everything, from all of my jeans to denim shorts, patterned trousers and even with skirts for a more fun and casual approach! Paired with either sandals, boots, trainers or pumps, they are both a stylish and yet practical look for mums on the go and I love that I have 2 new additions to work with, without costing the earth!

I went for the grey “I’m not listening” which made me laugh (and also wish I could get matching ones for the kids – sums them up to a “T” ha). I also loved this yellow one which said “Good Vibes” – so true! It’s a great colour to go with all sorts, and will be nice and bright on sunny days. I am wearing the grey one right now with my funky animal print culottes (New look Sale) and reduced H&M tassel earrings (£3) – paired with my Nike trainers I feel fab, comfy and stylish (and a little smug that it’s all sale stuff paired with a £2.50 Tee).

One of the best thing about slogan tees is you can also wear them with leggings and joggers when lounging about or exercising (not my forte), or (something I am more comfortable with) for bed with Pj bottoms when you get bored of them! To me I love them because they are comfy and bring a bit of attitude to your outfit and day. For only £2.50 you need to get some – make a statement with a new slogan Tee from Primarni – so versatile and chill!


I have wanted a pair of dungarees for a good year or so now and will admit I get a little outfit envy every time they come up on my insta feed. They look so versatile and comfy, and I have been pretty sure that they would change my life for the better as an option for chilled days and school runs! I have spent so much time looking in every sale, but have never been able to quite find a pair that fit well or don’t make me look weird!

I was delighted this Christmas to open this lush pair from ASOS that were given to me as a gift from my mother in law and chosen by my trendy sister in laws (they retail at £42)! It suddenly became clear that my dungaree love would never had been found in the sale – they were right here in front of me from ASOS!

At first I wasn’t sure of the wider leg – I am used to wearing skinny fit jeans and the wider leg initially felt so foreign to me! But, after wearing them all day last Monday, and well into new year, I am well and truly sold! They were comfy, practical and looked fab (even if I do say so myself).

Dungarees are such a practical and comfy outfit choice for mum life. They can be worn with so many things and look cool effortlessly. I initially paired them with my new high neck striped knit top and white pumps  – which was a match made in heaven. The top was a bargain in Primark for £3 (down from £6) and it is another very me and versatile piece for my wardrobe!

I love these dungarees so so much and look forward to wearing them with warm tops, shirts and ankle boots or trainers in the coming weeks and T-shirts and pumps/Sandals in the warmer months. I am converted to dungarees and can see that sometimes, things are just worth the investment!


Our little master bedroom is finally finished (bar the odd plant maybe) and I am excited to share it with you! Believe it or not, it is the first time in our married life, that we have actually had a bedroom of ours finished. Our first home was rented so it was never an option, and our next home had a long list of “To Do’s” that never got done, and then we threw in the towel sold it. And then we bought this house, and here we are now – all settled in house number 3 and a lovely bedroom that is all done and I couldn’t be happier with this space.

We moved into our village semi last summer and it is vastly different to living in an old back to back in Leeds. I did love our house in Leeds for the sheer size of the rooms and the character it had (not to mention that it was the first house we bought together). But, as we were pretty skint for the years that we lived there, and as it held some sad memories, we never really got off the ground with renovations or even finishing the decorating in places . When we bought this house though, we really liked not only its layout and location, but that it didn’t need really need any major things doing to it all. We were excited to just embrace it as it was and put our style into it! It does have potential to extend or redesign if we choose to like some of our neighbours have, but for now we have what we need and our focus is to decorate the rooms to feel like home for us!

We have 3 bedrooms and all are double rooms, so we are fortunate enough to be able to have good size rooms for the kids too. Our room isn’t hugely any different (size wise) to the Girls room, but we took as the previous owners had it as their bedroom and we liked the already fitted wardrobes. Whilst they could be bigger too, and we have talked about extended them, for now they are totally sufficient for what we need!

When we moved in last year, we decided to go with grey and ochre as our colour scheme, and this was all because I fell in love with this rather cool wallpaper from wilko – it won my heart and basically made the decision for us. Nath was happy with grey and like me does like some colour in there too. I am all about colour accents, and I really love bold patterns and generally stuff I look that makes me think “gosh that’s cool” (wait til I show you downstairs!!) this wallpaper did just that, as did the cool velvet light shades and Ikea cushions on the bed (that all bring out the ochre tones).

Whilst this room is quite bold and a little crazy I suppose for some, I also feel it isn’t too much and has a the right balance to be able to keep our bedroom calm and relaxing too. So, without further ado, let me talk you through it.

Our Grey & Ochre Master Bedroom

I decided to only use the wallpaper as an accent wall, because it is a small space and would probably be too much. The other 3 walls are a light warm grey that we picked out and matched to the pattern. The wall where we wanted the bed, is the side we decided to wallpaper and this was done pretty much the same day we got the keys! It then took us a few months to paint and get curtains and everything else!

I really like how well our bed fits with the colour scheme – we have had this bed since we got married and I love its old fashioned style . I think one day, one without the foot bars and a padded headboard would probably fit the room better, but with our new Simba mattress and some snug bedding I am really happy with it as it is for now.

Above the bed I wanted some art or pics, but wasn’t 100% sure what as the wall is already rather busy! One thing I was keen on though were some letters of our initials! Nathan’s parents, for as long as I can remember have had an initial above their sides of the bed and I have really loved it. I bought some wooden letters to do the same for us from hobbycraft for about £3 each, and then painted them with a tester pot in a darker grey! I am not 100% sure on the picture collage, but I do like the couple shots we have – I am thinking of blowing up some wedding pictures that are black and white and more smoochy to put up in its place.

The cushions on the bed are from Ikea as is the grey shaggy rug at my side of the bed – I really like them both.

We both have a set of drawers that mix nicely with the yellow tones and silver/pewter vibe, which were inherited – as were the 2 mirrors that we hung above them! The big one for my side, came from our old house and it is a home thing I especially love. I really love getting peoples cast offs – especially if they are in my style (as these most certainly are) they are exciting, a treasure, and make a room great without have to spend a lot!

The hardest thing about finishing our room was actually finding light shades that had the look and vibe I wanted! In the end, and after months of getting them and then returning them, I picked up some ochre velvet ones in The Range a couple of weeks ago for £4 each when I went shopping with Nath’s mum and sisters – high 5 to me! I was so so pleased! I did consider glass ones for a long time, but as we have 2 light fittings, a small space and are both tall people, it was a disaster waiting to happen. I am really pleased with my velvet ones though and they bring something special to the room to finish it off!

I am so pleased to finally have our bedroom done – it is cool and calm and a space I love to be in! It is very much my style and Mr Smith loves it too – happy wife…happy life and all that! We love this room to share together and are happy with how it has come together.



Whilst frosty fields, log fires and twinkly Christmas light are all very pretty and lovely, they are not enough to make me love Winter! I have realised this year that I don’t like feeling cold and damp. Whilst Winter holds many pretty scenes, delicious hot chocolates, adventures and Christmas – it is still is not my fave, and I would much rather be somewhere warm and sunny rocking my sandals and sunglasses!

I do however like Winter fashion – the whole ankle boots and knitwear ensemble, with a pair of jeans or trousers (or leggings/skirts) is so easy each day and more often than not, a pure winner! I love wearing my wellies with an nice chunky jumper and feeling all warm and toasty as we head out to school. Yes, I have realised I am not a huge winter fan, but with all of the lovely knitwear around at this time of year, it is enough to sway me out!

I have several favourite knitwear pieces in my wardrobe right now, and more recently these have grown to include a beaut of a Zebra print one and a cobalt blue roll neck one – both £13 from Primark, and both really lovely gifts from Mr Smith! I really like how “me” they both are and how snug I feel when wearing them. They are an absolute bargain (as are a lot of the stuff in Primark) and I especially love the long sleeves and length of the blue one (which I know they also have in Green and Red – hello Christmas)!

I like the fluffiness of the zebra one, the fact it’s zebra, and the discreet yellow trim around the higher neck collar. I found that it was so chilled with black skinny jeans and high top trainers the other day for school runs, college and general mum life!

Knitted jumpers are most definitely a winner for me right now!

With this new love of knitwear, I have been keen to see what else is out there (you know, to help me survive the winter!) and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover so many lovely jumpers on the market this season that are totally fab and totally me – wild, vibrant, stylish and chill! I just wanted to share them with you, either as inspo for this season, or generally just to appreciate how lovely they all are!

First up is Topshop – The red and gold is a firm favourite and is currently £39 | The Green Fairisle one is cool but more pricey at £59.00

Next up – ASOS! Asos have so many fantastic jumpers, it was like being a kid in a candy shop scrolling through their site. I also love that most of them are under £25/£30 too, so very affordable! I managed to narrow it down though to these 2 beauts for my wish list. The black and yellow one is quirky and cool | I also really love this rainbow oversized one which is only £25 – who doesn’t want to be rocking that on a dark, damp, wintery day!?

I find that H&M are great for plain jumpers and I have 3 from there that I like, that I have previously bought in sales. However, this season, I am loving this striped one too – its a bargain for only £14.99

New Look isn’t often at the top of my list of shops to go to, but I do occasionally find a few real gems in there too. I am loving this black and white pom pom jumper at the moment – it is £19.99

And then finally ZARA! Zara have some great slogan sweatshirts I have my eye on at the moment, but knitwear wise… this embellished number that is somewhat out of my price range is so gorgeous! Its limited edition and £49.99. I really love it!

I didn’t even look at BooHoo or Shein – both of which I know will probably have more wonderful and bargainous knitwear pieces, but for now I am loving colourful and patterned knits to help me survive theses freezing damp days!