Back in June I felt elated as I handed in my final portfolio. All of the tears, late night study sessions, questioning about what I was doing and general stress had come to an end and I jumped for joy as I looked and realised – I had done it! For the first time in years I had actually stuck to something. I had found my passion (and possible career path) and I had seen it to the end. I had accomplished a course and It felt absolutely mint!

Since September 2017 I have been going to college every Wednesday night to study a Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills. Back in the Summer I came to the realisation that counselling (or Therapy of some description) would make a great career for me and would be great around the family too in these coming years. After a lot of thinking and praying about it, it just seemed such a clear and fulfilling path to take. It felt like it would fit me so well and it made me really excited.

The more I contemplated it as an option, I thought about how it would use both my natural talents and life experiences and bring them together to be something that would be beneficial to others. I thought about how it would be a job that really mattered and I would be doing something that was as varied as I am day to day. As I looked at everything I had ever done in my life; from after school jobs, to full time jobs, and from volunteer work and subject interests, it all suddenly became less random and seemingly indecisive, and came together under this umbrella of giving me various experiences, talents and interests that all had a common thread of preparing me to be able to be a therapist at this stage in my life.

I felt more confident and clear about my life and my life choices/experiences than I have ever previously done. And so I went for it – the first step – A level 3 Diploma in counselling skills … part-time!

I kept it a secret for a while. I suppose I didn’t want to have to tell a lot of people about it and then feel like a failure if down the road it didn’t go to plan. I wanted to avoid the awkwardness of if I did quit like I have done so often before, that people wouldn’t know and judge. I know now thats really silly but at the time, and the me back in September, that’s what felt right.

The difference this time though was that I was really invested. I knew deep down that however hard it was, this was what I needed to do and what I wanted to be.

It was something I enjoyed learning about and practicing and it was helping me grow in incredible ways too. I knew that, because of the things we were studying, that to push and fight through the hard things would eventually make me a better person and better capable in my life as well as being capable of helping and guiding others on their journeys.

I loved the theory – I found it super interesting. And I enjoyed putting my skills into practice and working with people. It felt good to know my limits and interests and comfortable with both.

I learnt from this course so much about me – my excuses, my fears, my weaknesses and judgements of others, and how to combat them and overcome them. I also grew in confidence as I discovered my strengths and who I really am and wanted to be in life. I learnt the tools to own my choices and how to handle worrying situations. And it was those latter lessons (amongst others) that made me more determined than ever to accomplish this course and progress to be more.

It became less about just doing this course and more about the future – A degree or diploma in a related field and eventual goal of being a therapist by the time all of my kids would be in full time school.

I experienced a lot of struggles but a lot of growth too and with that it has been great to see what I can become and offer to the world. It has felt good to discover parts of me that have been suppressed by difficulty or how I have taken others behaviours towards me and it has been so great to be more open minded and more self confident. I have loved feeling secure in myself and my life/day to day choices. I have enjoyed the freedom of being okay with where I am at and knowing how I can become whoever I want to be. I have felt fulfilled to be able to accept and be okay with my weaknesses and I feel empowered by knowing my strengths and talents.

I guess you could say this course has helped me feel accomplished because I have not only completed something around a  young family, but I found me in the process. And there I found how to be okay with all of my scars, weaknesses, flaws, choices, gifts and abilities – and that was a wonderful feeling.

Collecting my Certificate

Last Thursday I went  to collect my certificate – I had accomplished the first step. I had completed it and now to pass it felt even better than completing it in the first place.

I had accomplished my goal and it was so great.

It really wasn’t easy to study around kids (not easy at all) and it wasn’t easy to study for a topic that at times was hugely sensitive and heavy. A subject that resurfaced a lot of pain and highlighted a lot of painful things and insecurities about me, but I did it. I persevered, I worked through those hard times with my new friends and persoanlly and I smashed down the mental walls I had built up. I dealt with things I needed to that were holding me back…and then with lots of study and essays – I did it – I passed!!

I am so proud of my little certificate. I am so proud of my progress.

I haven’t just accomplished a course people, I have overcome great barriers and personal insecurities. I have found a purpose and passion beyond that of motherhood and something that feels so right for me to be doing in life. I love the vast options that being a therapist offers, and in the process of all of this discovery, I have made brilliant friends from all walks of life.

This certificate is a symbol of the power I have to do hard things and to be ever growing and being better on a personal level. It shows me, however hard it is some weeks with a young family to study, I can still reach my personal goals and I become someone to make a difference in the world. I can reach my educational and life goals.

This certificate represents hours of work, lots of tears, and it stands as a reminder that I have power!

I look forward to my next course, whatever that will be! I know it will be harder and it will require more commitment and dedication … more work and balancing of family life. But I am looking forward to more personal growth and more knowledge.

Thank you so much to my friends and family that helped me power through and accomplish a course that was both challenging but hugely satisfying!


Well, I have a new love in my life peeps! They are these super cool and comfy new sandals I picked up in Lidl this last week (like 3 days ago) and the best part? They were a bargainous £5.99 – I couldn’t believe it and just had to have them.

I have always loved the Birkenstock look and the comfy vibe of this style of footwear for Summer. However, as someone who lives on modest budget I have never felt able to justify the price of buying a real pair for myself (I have high hopes though that I will one day). I therefore have always being drawn to find look a like budget versions that I can live in for Summer and that I can be confident with for my go to shoe! I found some gold ones in Primark around March for our USA holiday and have practically lived in them since. I have had a huge amount of compliments on them, but as a result of daily wear and cheap merchandise, they have been looking pretty worse for wear these days and I have for a little while been hoping for some new sandals to see me through the remainder of the Summer and even into next Summer!

On Tuesday, after a 9.5 mile hike, my sister in law and I found ourselves in Lidl buying 45 ice creams for the girls up at “girls camp” where we were as leaders. As I passed my the middle section – with all of its random bargain buys and weekly offers, I noticed these beauts. As I looked up and noticed their £5.99 price tag, I was stopped in my tracks – I had to have a pair!

They are super comfy, work well with almost everything for this Summer season and I love the subtle pattern on them too.

I am no stranger to Lidl, in fact the trousers in these shots are from there too, which I picked up last Summer for £7. I shop there most weeks for our food shop and always have a scout in their offers as they often have really nice kids and adults clothing for such cheap prices. I am so pleased that I found these £5.99 comfy Summer sandals…they are a reminder that you don’t have to spend a lot to look good and be comfy!

Lidl also had the single strap style and both came in white, black and sparkle silver (if you’re feeling glam!). They are easy to wear and easy on the price strings – my ideal thing!

*This is not a sponsored post – I just love them! 


This week was our last of the Summer term and we are now well and truly into our “Summer Holidays”! It has been a really great week, with a mock wedding performed by Ethan’s class at the beginning of the week to celebrating our little Alice turning 2 on Thursday! We have had more wonderful weather, picnic teas, and I have had some lovely long chats with great people and friends.

We have been to the Deep again in Hull, ate lots of Ice creams, and I literally skipped all the way home after our final school run on Friday (yahoooo!!)! Yesterday we enjoyed some time at the coast together and had a boat ride, some chips and ice creams, as part of our birthday celebrations for Alice. I am so happy school is out and we have a whole 6 weeks ahead of us to relax together, enjoy some adventures and generally just have a great time!

Grateful For …

This week I am grateful for Alice and her warm, fun and loving presence in our family. It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate her on Thursday as she brings us all so much joy! I am grateful for her love, her healing presence, and that she lets me squidge and kiss her when I am sad or just need a boost! I am grateful that she is so lovely and so much fun to have in our home and lives.

I am also grateful to be moving forward with feeling better myself. I have recently being diagnosed with PTSD and whilst it makes a lot of sense it has been so hard – you can read more about it here.

Succeeded At …

We succeed at finally cleaning out the car – it was awful! But there was no way that we were going to start off our Summer hols driving round in a bin on wheels. The kids were so helpful, clearing it out and then with some anti bac wipes, they willingly scrubbed all of the surfaces!

I also succeed at getting the kids to tidy their rooms  and they have done it twice already this week! It took a lot of perseverance and strict mummy, but and the house looks better for it and everyone is a lot happier – especially me!

Finally (and my most favourite) I succeeded at winning the To Tuscany blogger competition. This means we will be heading to Tuscany some time soon(ish) to stay in one of their gorgeous villas and we are going absolutely nuts over it! What an incredible opportunity and wonderful treat for us all – I am still pinching myself!

Found Beauty In…

The mock wedding Ethan’s class did at the local church on Tuesday afternoon. They were all dressed in wedding clothes, playing their parts, and we sung the hymns and joined in as “guests”! Ethan played the part of best man and he was great. The whole experience was so funny, brilliant and simply gorgeous!

I also found beauty in Alice playing with my friends dog, loving the fish again at the deep and playing with her little pal on Friday. The most beautiful thing though this week, the thing that made me calm and my heart sing, was being on a boat all together yesterday as a family. We travelled up to Bridlington to have a boat ride and some seaside treats as part of Alice’s birthday and it was so lovely. The sea was super calm, the coast line beautiful and it was a really nice end to the week. The kids loved and so did we.

I am going to be signing off for a week now – I have wanted to have a break from blogging and social media for a while now to clear my mind (its only for a week or so) but with having a few collaborations I needed to do I haven’t had the opportunity as I have had to work and wanted to get on top of things. I have done that and now with the first week of the Summer holidays starting and no urgent posts to write, I am going to schedule a couple of things, and then I am going to switch off until next weekend! I am looking forward to stepping away from social media and seeing what difference it makes to my well-being and life generally (if at all).

I  hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a joyful first week of the Summer holidays – let me know where you are planning on going on holiday to this year – I love hearing about people’s adventures and find it inspiring!


I have had a rather sociable week this week, which has been most refreshing. Some weeks I am quite happy to just stay at home, work on things and get organised – you know, kept it chill and wander! But then most weeks I really enjoy seeing people and having some days out and chats with other mums and Friends and this week was more so one of those and I have appreciated time with friends and family.

This week Alice and I have had a picnic at the park with her second cousins, have been to soft play in the neighbouring village and had a shopping trip and lunch with a friend! I have loved that I am one week away from completing my course and I have loved hanging with some of my sisters Friday night for my youngest sisters Birthday!

Grateful For …

This week I am really thankful for good health and feeling well and energized again. Good weather to get out and about and dress Summery. Sisters to have a laugh with and eat Ice cream by the tub with. And for fathers!

With it being Fathers day today it has been lovely to reflect on the blessing it is to have good Dad’s in life and father figures. I have felt grateful firstly for my Dad and for all of the laughs and adventures he has given us over the years. I am grateful for my Granddad and his humour, influence and example in my life. For my Father in Law and his love, humour, trips we’ve been on and guidance also. And finally for Nathan – he is such a kind, gentle and funny person – I love that my kids have a Dad who loves them so much. He is interested in their lives and wants them to succeed. He works hard to provide a safe and loving home for them, gives them lots of laughs and fun, and helps them with all sorts!

Dad’s come in all kinds of forms, and I am thankful that I have known such great, funny and wonderful fathers in my life!

Succeeded At….

Finishing all of my assignments for my college course! It felt absolutely brilliant to walk in to college on Wednesday evening knowing I had done all of my assignments and only had to print them off, arrange my folder and now cross reference it all before handing in the final copy this Wednesday!

Found Beauty In…

The fields on our walk to soft play….Alice asleep with her little hand under her chin… and watching the kids crowd Nathan this morning. It is so lovely to live where we do and have these moments as a family. I love the memories we are building and the moments we are capturing!